Pepe Le Puke Meets David Duke


This was originally supposed to be a minor treatise on the alt-right and its mascot Pepe the frog. I planned to post some images of the badly drawn cartoon frog to illustrate my point.  I retreated from the treatise notion when I perused the erstwhile Gret Stet Fuhrer’s twitter feed. It turns out that “Doctor” Duke has glommed on to many alt-right themes and memes. In short, there was no need to download racist propaganda to my computer when Dukkke got there first.

I would, however, like to apologize to one of my all-time favorite toons, Pepe Le Pew, for basing my nickname for the alt-right frog on his moniker. Pepe Le Pew may have been a skunk but he was never a racist stinker like Pepe Le Puke.  He just wanted to be loved.

Before posting some Dukke tweets, here’s Rachel Maddow’s televised takedown of the alt-right and Pepe Le Puke:

I am continually amazed that American right-wing extremists use Nazi imagery. The Nazis were among history’s greatest LOSERS. Their Nazi fetish is something wingnuts tend to keep under wraps, but they find it impossible NOT to put Pepe Le Puke in a picklelhaube: you know, one of those spiky Prussian helmets worn by guys named Helmut. I’m glad that Word Press doesn’t impose Otto Incorrect on its users. The mind reels at how it would spell pickelhaube…

I’ve been putting this off, but it’s time to dive into the cesspool that is “Doctor” David Duke’s timeline. The first tweet requires some explanation. ZOG is an anti-Semitic acronym for Zionist Occupation Government:

There’s more of this depolrable nonsense on Duke’s timeline but I don’t want to make you Le Puke, Le Barf, or Le Hurl. One would hardly know that he’s running for the Gret Stet hooker seat in the Senate. He spends more time plugging Trump than attacking his opponents including accused john, Charles Boustany. That reminds me of one of Edwin Edwards’ classic lines about Duke from the 1991 Goober race:

“The only thing we have in common is we’re both wizards under the sheets.”

I guess Doctor/Congressman Boustany won’t go there. It might make him Pepe Le Puke…

Once again, I’d like to apologize to Pepe Le Pew. He doesn’t deserve having his name linked to a notorious cartoon frog so, as a consolation prize, I’ll give the French stinker the last word:

Once again, I lied about the whole last word thing. Contrasting the awfulness of Pepe Le Puke to the awesomeness of Pepe Le Pew gave me an earworm. I’ll let Peter Wolf and the J. Geils Band have the *real* last word: