The GOP’s Uncivil War

Political schadenfreude is a beautiful thing.  Observing the back biting and recriminations within the GOP is the most fun I’ve had in years. It no longer matters how their Presidential candidate does in debates because the die is cast. There are more crude shoes waiting to drop since Trump lacks impulse control and never shuts the fuck up. I hope Mark Cuban or someone antes up so we can see the Apprentice videos. Come on Mark you know you want to see them. It will have the added benefit of aggravating your right wing Shark Tank cast mate, Kevin O’Leary. Don’t you want to see Mr. Wonderful fume, Mark?

Watching the most overrated man in public life, Speaker Paul Ryan, squirm has been particularly amusing. He’s trying his damnedest to keep his majority, which has put him in an untenable position as this tweet from MSNBC’s legal dude Ari Melber makes clear:

Who’da thunk that one of the few Republicans to retain a shred of dignity would be Willard Mittbot Romney? Who’da thunk a Republican nominee could make George W. Bush look less bad? Who’da thunk I’d have posed those questions? Not me.

In the spirit of helpfulness for which I am known, I’d like to suggest a theme song for the Republican party’s civil war. They’re busy knifing and betraying one another so a song by Asia works even better than The Backstabbers. Check the lyrics to Judas out:

Why did you choose to stand behind me
Somewhere I couldn’t see
Just when I couldn’t feel it coming
You put a knife in me

I never needed your assistance
I always trusted you
I didn’t understand your distance
You put a knife in me
You put a knife in me

I’d love to know what does it feels like
To be a Judas friend
To be a brutal, traitor of the soul
Murderous at the end

So, who’s Judas in this scenario: Donald Trump or Paul Ryan? It’s both of them, on their way to mutually assured destruction. It’s what happens when a major political party nominates a narcissistic lunatic.

Cue the theme song:

One thought on “The GOP’s Uncivil War

  1. “Trump is a marvelously efficient acid bath, stripping away his supporters’ surfaces, exposing their skeletal essences. Consider Mike Pence, a favorite of what Republicans devoutly praise as America’s ‘faith community.’ Some of its representatives, their crucifixes glittering in the television lights, are still earnestly explaining the urgency of giving to Trump, who agreed that his daughter is ‘a piece of ass,’ the task of improving America’s coarsened culture.”

    Who knew George Will could channel Gore Vidal so skillfully?

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