Hare Donald


Screenshot via Business Insider.

I know quite a few Indian-Americans but none of them are Republicans or, heaven forfend, Trumpers. Apparently, there is rump of tRump supporters who belong to something called the Republican Hindu Coalition. They even staged an event with some Bollywood stars and the Insult Comedian himself. I wonder if B3 think of them as honorary white people? I hope Bannon gets back to me on that if he’s not too busy suppressing minority votes.

The Jersey event wasn’t a Trump soiree per se but a benefit. It did, however, inspire Trump to film an ad aimed at Indian-Americans wherein he spoke a line in Hindi and assured us that he “loved Hindus and India.” I was hoping he’d tell us how much he loves curry but it didn’t happen. Mmm, curry:

What? No mention of tandoori or naan? I’m having naan of it.

I’ll give the last word to George Harrison with a song that is *not* about Trump. Why? I found myself walking about singing “Hare Donald.” A feeble excuse to post a classic song but it’s mine all mine.

One thought on “Hare Donald

  1. cat copeland says:

    Thank You for the George Harrison post. The best “Mouthwash” in the world after breathing, eating, seeing, reading, hearing ANYTHING don trump.

    Liked by 1 person

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