The Other Joe Walsh’s Musket Love

It’s weird out there this election season. Yeah, y’all already knew that but humor me. I’ll get to the point directly. Former Congresscritter and professional asshole, the Other Joe Walsh tweeted his way back into the limelight yesterday:

His call for his fellow teabaggers to be revolting, I mean revolt, caused instant condemnation. Here’s my rather Athenae-like instant analysis:

The Other Joe followed up this morning with more musket love:

I love how Walsh and his ilk know nothing about history. Thomas Jefferson was an aristocrat who was all talk when it came to violence. He wouldn’t even have had the help do any musket grabbing since he owned the help. Besides, I think Jefferson, as a genuine albeit flawed civil libertarian, might hold different views on marriage equality if he were alive. He *was* known to be tolerant of gays during his lifetime. That’s right, Other Joe: there were gay people in the 18th Century too. Put that in your oven and bake it.

I got sidetracked by the follow-up tirade. Our longtime readers are used to that by now. The original musket love tweet gave me an earworm. A painful one at that: Muskrat Love by the Captain & Tennille. A hit song so bad that I refuse to get embed with it even though musket is an excellent pun on muskrat. Wait a minute, I saw a version with a weird featured image so I changed my mind but the puns stay.

Sorry about that, it’s the only way to expel an earworm: share the fucker. The stuffed muskrats were kinda cute though.

The Other Joe Walsh isn’t the only Trumper talking “revolution” when-not if-Trump becomes the losingest loser who ever lost. Consider me skeptical: they’re conjuring up the spirit of 2010, not 1776. The Tea Party types talked a big game but, in the end, they were all hat and no cattle. The cattle stampeded because the Teabaggers talked too loudly of death squads. Who wants to be a steak before one’s time?

I think most Trumpers will turn on their candidate when-not if-he loses. It’s what usually happens. There was a lot of brave talk in 1964 during the Goldwater campaign about revolting against a man they could have called Crooked Lyndon. Most of Goldwater’s supporters went on with their lives, others organized, nobody staged a violent revolution. There was no Tilden uprising after the 1876 squeaker was actually stolen. I am, however, concerned about random acts of gun nuttery but that’s a far cry from this apocalyptic Trumper nonsense: 

Jared Halbrook, 25, of Green Bay, Wis., said that if Mr. Trump lost to Hillary Clinton, which he worried would happen through a stolen election, it could lead to “another Revolutionary War.”

“People are going to march on the capitols,” said Mr. Halbrook, who works at a call center. “They’re going to do whatever needs to be done to get her out of office, because she does not belong there.”

Or this:

“It’s not what I’m going to do, but I’m scared that the country is going to go into a riot,” said Roger Pillath, 75, a retired teacher from Coleman, Wis. “I’ve never seen the country so divided, just black and white — there’s no compromise whatsoever. The Clinton campaign says together we are stronger, but there’s no together. The country has never been so divided. I’m looking at revolution right now.”

Excuse me, Mr. Teacherman. Remember a small thing called the Civil War? Your home state of Wisconsin was on the winning side of that conflagration. I hope he’s not a retired history or poli sci teacher. Schmuck.

Repeat after me: Americans hate losers and that’s what Trump will be the day after the election. Our job as citizens is to make sure he loses bigly. Believe me.

Grab your muskrat. You in?

3 thoughts on “The Other Joe Walsh’s Musket Love

  1. Most of the nervous comments about violence it the wake of Trump’s when-not-if loss on November 8 are coming from his own voters. None of the worriers, naturally, say that they personally are going to start squirting lead on November 9 (because that would be wrong), but they all seem pretty convinced that the other people who support Trump are going to start something.

    The popular media really should pay attention. This isn’t partisan name-calling; this is one Republican faction talking about another Republican faction.

    On the other hand, it will probably come to nothing. I’ve been shortening my “Donald Who” timeline week by week. At first, I thought Republicans would feign amnesia about their 2016 candidate in March 2017. Then I moved it back to February. At this point, I think Republicans will be ignorant of Trump’s identity by Thanksgiving. “Trump? Odd name. No, never heard of the chap.”

  2. It says Mr. Halbrook works at a call center. Having done my own time in a few of those (including a long stint in Wisconsin)…yeah, it can be frustrating.

    But it’s not an environment that encourages any kind of physical activity beyond, oh, I don’t know, eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching TV. Add in the long Green Bay winter…nah, I’m not worried. At most — and this would be very doubtful — but at most you might see some of the more motivated types try to pull an Ammon Bundy-type raid on some far flung federal building. Sure, that could turn out tragic — anytime you add guns to the mix you’re playing with fire — but more likely you’d see some kind of plaintive whine from the would-be occupiers for snacks and extra socks as they realized revolution isn’t playing fort in the back yard.

  3. Ah yes, Green Bay, where they don’t allow early voting on campus because they might vote Democratic. Fine protectors of the Constitution, they are.

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