Heckuva Job, Comey

It’s a beautiful autumnal Sunday so y’all might not know about the second Comey letter. Here’s how I heard about it:

I’m relieved, not surprised BUT this should have NEVER HAPPENED. I knew the FBI had the sort of software that could tear through the perv’s laptop in a jiffy and I’m glad this came out before the election. BUT Comey should have never sent the first letter, and he should have publicly criticized, then opened an investigation into the other leaks. The FBI is supposed to be above politics, instead of immersed in them. Heckuva job, Comey.

Comey has seriously damaged his own reputation and that of his agency for little reason. I am glad that it makes Jason Chaffetz look like a fool but he would have figured out a way to do that without Comey’s help. The other ray of sunshine is that this incident has destroyed what little was left of Rudy Noun Verb 9/11’s good name. If he had any shame, the Insult Comedian would put Rudy in campaign jail. He and Chris Christie could have adjoining cells. That reminds me of what I tweeted right after the Bridgegate convictions came down. I may have messed up The Godfather quote but it’s still on point:

Unfortunately, James Comey remains FBI Director. If he is even half the man that some believe him to be, he will resign after the election. His effectiveness and credibility have been destroyed by his reckless actions. As Al Gore was fond of saying of Poppy Bush during the 1992 election: It’s time for him to go.

Comey’s ham-handed, inept intervention in the 2016 Presidential election has already had an impact. Hillary Clinton was headed to a landslide win when the first letter came out nine days ago. Comey’s intervention led to a narrowing of the race. That, in turn, means that she will have a solid victory instead of a triumph that would be a complete repudiation of Trump and the horrors he has unleashed on the country. Comey’s job is to be above the political fray. He has miserably failed at that. Heckuva job, Comey.

It’s time for him to go. Let’s send him off with some music:


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