Worst Person Ever To Live In The White House

C-SPAN recently did a survey of historians as to which Presidents rocked it and which dropped the rock. It was the first time former President Barack Obama was ranked and he made a strong first showing coming in at number 12. That’s pretty darn good for a man scorned by the alt right and left alike. I think they got it right: Obama’s stock is likely to rise in contrast with the menace who replaced him.

I’ve long hesitated to do my own Presidential ranking because of my wildly mixed feelings about Lyndon Johnson. Based solely on domestic policy, he would be a strong fourth behind FDR, Lincoln, and Washington on my list. (They’re almost everyone’s top 3.) The Vietnam war messes everything up as it did at the time. Bigly. LBJ came in 10th in the C-SPAN survey. One of these days, I’ll try the C-SPAN grading system, but it’s Carnival and I have hosting, cooking, drinking, and throw groveling to do…

That brings me to the Current Occupant. Many have already proclaimed him the worst ever but it’s too early to call. He’s certainly building a case. I do think he comes in dead last on a list of the best human beings to serve as Oval Ones. I’m uncertain of the exact order but I think that the four best people to be President were Taft, Obama, Garfield, and Truman. There’s also a good case to be made for JFK, Poppy Bush, Carter, and TR.

It’s time for the other side of the coin. The worst human beings to serve were Andrews Jackson and Johnson, and, you guessed it, the man I call the Insult Comedian. It’s true that Trump isn’t responsible for genocidal policies like Jackson and isn’t as overtly racist as Johnson but he’s capable of such misdeeds. He’s already the most corrupt President in history so I think a slot at the bottom is warranted for the Pussygrabber-in-Chief. Nixon and LBJ could be horrible sons-of-bitches but they had redeeming characteristics. Trump has none. Therefore, he is the worst person ever to live in the White House. Yeah, I know Washington never lived there but there was ZERO chance of him making this list. He was a bit on the dull side but rock solid otherwise.

Finally, a graphic that shows where Trump rates with the public compared to the last five Oval Ones:


It only gets worse, Donald. Believe me.

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