Tell Me Again How Critical the Press Considers Itself

Have some goddamn pride: 

President Donald Trump is holding court with “regional press affiliates” in a private dinner on Monday, the White House said.

The meeting is comparable to the off-the-record lunch Trump will host Tuesday with major network anchors ahead of his first address to Congress.

In the past month the messages from institutional media leaders have been only slightly more consistent than those of Trump’s spokespeople. Subscribe to us, because these are extraordinary times, except we need to preserve traditions at all costs, because that’s how things are done! Trump’s administration is de-legitimizing the press, which is UNAMERICAN, but it’s not like we’re pissed enough to decline a dinner invitation over it!

And this:

Tonight’s dinner will be closed to the press.

EXCEPT THE ONES THAT ARE THERE. Dear God, if you’re going to throw yourself a martyrdom every other week for being the last sacred guardians of democracy in these troubled times, you’ve got to actually get up on the cross sometime.