Local Tool Can’t Handle Kids Asking Questions

It never ceases to amaze me that the GOP is the party of big swinging dicks, of Strong Defense Daddy, of Git ‘Er Done, because when a girl who weighs 90 pounds soaking wet asks her local rep to do something like hold a town hall meeting, that GOP rep freaks out like he’s just seen a sea monster: 

A group of University of Illinois students gathered in D.C. Tuesday to confront Congressman Rodney Davis.

The group visited Davis’ office voicing some of their concerns about higher education.

 The organizer recorded a Facebook live of the confrontation which had more than 8,000 views as of Wednesday.
Students asked Davis why he wouldn’t meet with them for a town hall meeting and in the video.

“I’m not surprised,” organizer, Anna Sekiguchi, said. “He was extremely dismissive and condescending and I think that speaks to how he views his constituents and specifically students.”

Davis then took to Facebook himself to post a longer video of him acting like a whiny asshole, along with more whining assholery:

Last night, you may have seen a story on FOX 55/27 Illinois about University of Illinois Urbana Champaign and University of Illinois Chicago students who came to my DC office for a photo Anna, Scheduling Director for the Illini Democrats, had requested. What the story didn’t mention was the students did get their photo and why the students were eventually asked to leave my office. Here is the entire Facebook Live video filmed by the students. I am happy to meet and speak with students but shouting and aggressive behavior is not productive.

“Aggressive behavior?” Again, the biggest person in that delegation is somebody I’m pretty sure this guy’s mom could take in a fight.

The full video, which he thinks exonerates him, shows him immediately getting turned off after realizing the woman speaking to him is a Democrat. He shows her card to the camera several times, saying “Democrats” in a “/redpill MGTOW commenter” voice, refuses to engage beyond that, and splits from the office like it’s on fire. He’s refusing to talk to his constituents, they went to him, he acted like a giant baby, they made chicken noises, and he fled.

Tell me again how we need Republicans in charge so that we can feel protected.