Screaming Makes the Headaches Worse

Your gentle reminder that congressional Republicans could have stopped this long ago:

Trump will be running the country from federal prison, texting executive orders to Jared and Ivanka via burner phones smuggled in from the Russian mob, before Paul Ryan bestirs himself from his seat to issue a sternly worded rebuke. Come on. The reason so many people are sitting back and laughing at this constant shitshow is that ABSENT A GENUINE OPPOSITION PARTY IN CONGRESS THERE’S LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Fuck the GOP. This is on them.

This party pardoned Nixon and cheered on W’s wars and were completely fine with Mitt Romney declaring half the United States a bunch of welfare cheats. This party nominated and supported a man who bragged about sexual assault, ignored perjury by a sitting Attorney General, stripped health care from millions of goddamn kids and with their next breath cracked open some beers. They have no interest in holding Trump — or any other Republican — accountable because it garners them nothing.

They control Congress. They control almost every state legislature. They hold governorships from sea to shining sea. What profit do they seek they can’t obtain by simply sitting still? They’re rational actors. Power protects itself, first last and always. Until the American people show them they have no power that can’t be taken away if they displease us, I’m straining to think of a way this goes anywhere.

Congressional Republicans could have stopped this when Trump’s rallies turned into Nuremberg Lite. They could have stopped this when his people yelled LOCK HER UP. They could have stopped it when he said, “Grab them by the pussy.” They could have stopped it after the Muslim ban. After he fired Sally Yates. After he declined to hire people to run the government. After his kids hawked their wares on government property. After the 478th unhinged midnight tweet.

That we actually think they’re gonna stop it now is a testament to how seriously we take a white dude losing a job.

I would love to be wrong about this. I would love for this to finally be the bridge too far. I would love for this to be the turning point, but I have to be honest with you. All I see is a straightaway, the GOP clown car barreling down it full speed, with no new direction in sight.


3 thoughts on “Screaming Makes the Headaches Worse

  1. He excels at being bought by people who will let him preen and bluster. He doesn’t have the stamina or intelligence to really run things. He just finds patrons who let him perform his shtick for the rubes. He’s their sycophant. They own him.

  2. When the poop hits the fan, repubs will blame trump and clear their role!

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