Quote Of The Day: Slumlord Jared Edition

I’m still rolling out my new nickname for the Trumper Tsarevich: Slumlord Jared. If you haven’t read the Pro Publica/NYT piece about his shameful slumlord antics in Baltimore, click on this link. He’s the sort of landlord who lets his properties fall apart, blames the tenants, evicts them, then raises the rent. A slumlords gotta slumlord…

The QOTD comes from a Politico article. They quoted his former digital maven at the New York Observer, Harleen Kahlon:

“We’re talking about a guy who isn’t particularly bright or hard-working, doesn’t actually know anything, has bought his way into everything ever (with money he got from his criminal father), who is deeply insecure and obsessed with fame (you don’t buy the NYO, marry Ivanka Trump, or constantly talk about the phone calls you get from celebrities if it’s in your nature to ‘shun the spotlight’), and who is basically a shithead.”

In short, he’s a Trump clone with better hair. No wonder Ivanka married this little shit. Slumlord Jared sounds almost as insecure as her idiot father.

The good news is that their insecurity, stupidity, and arrogance will be their eventual undoing. These Banana Republicans believe they’re above societal norms and rules. That’s why they constantly violate the first rule of holes: when you’re in one, stop digging, Twitter is Trump’s hole. His bluster there will bury him. Jeez, now I sound like Nikita Khrushchev. I have no plans, however, to pound on a table with a shoe. I’ll leave the tantrums to Trumpy.