Awkward Dinner Conversations

Two things. The first is this thread, which will teach you more about what’s really at the heart of Trump’s support than a thousand New York anthropological examinations of Midwestern noble savages ever could:

The second is St. John McCain, pretending once again to be above the process he is in up to his neck, scolding his colleagues as if he could do nothing that would influence their actions:

McCain bemoaned the tone of modern politics, suggesting that wild partisanship was paralyzing the country’s political institutions and tearing the country apart.
“Stop listening to the bombastic loudmouths on the radio and the television and the Internet. To hell with them. They don’t want anything done for the public good — our incapacity is their livelihood. Let’s trust each other. Let’s return to regular order.”

And that’s really the heart of it all. Shit had gotten awkward at dinner, for John McCain and for a lot of the wealthier supporters of Trump and his merry band of blithering GOP dicksmacks. It had gotten awkward talking around racism and sexism and general misanthropy and it was harder and harder to find cover for one’s overall contempt for the poor. People had grown less willing to believe in the inherent good will of a party that would start an illegal war, spy on Americans, burn a black president in effigy and grab women by the pussy. The invitations must have stopped coming, or at least slowed down.


I think it’s nice that there are friendships and bromances (until today, Kerry/McCain 4 EVA). Generally I think it is good that we have a society. I think it’s good to get along with your coworkers. But not when you’re people and they’re skin sacks filled with bees. And not when it requires you to balance your need to keep your buds with your need to serve your constituents, ie do your fucking job when you’re on the clock and bump fuzzies on your own time.

The most heartbreaking thing about all of this, though? Democrats would forgive it tomorrow.

I mean the elected ones, mostly, but also a lot of the rank and file.

If it meant we could help people some more, we would forgive all the horrific things that were said and all the horrific things that were done. For two years of a campaign and the first year of his presidency Barack Obama was subjected to the most vile racist attacks in modern political history.

His response? To try to give the very people who voted against him for vile racist reasons health insurance.

For her entire life Hillary Clinton was subjected to the most vile sexist attacks it’s possible to subject a white woman to, while she served her country with distinction.

Her response? To fight to protect that health insurance.

So I have very little doubt the Democratic Party would forgive it all tomorrow and go back to trying to help people. Some of us wouldn’t forget, but we’d go right back to work. Hell, some of us are still working, dark though our prospects are, to stop this while we still can.

The civility that the GOP is disingenuously begging for? After all this, we’d give it to them. If modern dinner conversation requires that liberals hold themselves in contempt for the very things that the contemptuous public says it wants politicians to do to help them, liberals would sign up for that shit tomorrow because taking one for the team is kind of our entire THING. Our fate is your fate, bitches.

I keep hearing that the past 6 months are the fault of dumb libtard feminazi bitches like myself who impose their political correctness by banning the words “Merry Christmas” and not valuing traditional American values. If my 12-years-of-religious-ed ass agrees that you can say whatever politically incorrect shit to me that you want, can we let people keep their baby’s chemo?

I’d consider that a fair bargain. I think a lot of my fellow libtards would as well, so babies can keep their cancer treatments. So that nobody has to face a bill they can’t pay after their baby dies. I think we would let people lecture us about traditional values. I think we would let them do it and we would fucking smile.

Just let us help people, that’s all we’re asking.

After all this time.


5 thoughts on “Awkward Dinner Conversations

  1. That’s really what it comes down to, innit? Wanting money, power, symbolic victory… versus wanting to help people.

  2. Bombin’ John McStain’s still the nasty, embittered, resentful, unfulfilled shitstain he’s ALWAYS been. He won’t change now.
    He still hates the Murka that didn’t elect him to out-rank his father, the Admiral he could never please; WE’RE the ones whom who he’s gonna punish for it.
    He cannot die a moment too soon to suit me.

  3. Liberals always learning the wrong lessons. You’ll send yourself to the ovens if you think it’ll make Republicans let you help people. And then they’ll turn around and say no.
    If you want to help people, crush the right. There is no other option.

  4. but of course what has been proven by the vacuous, sadistic right is that wanting to help people is not enough – they’re not going to let “libtards” professed wanting to help get in the way of their sadistic fun disparging and robbing the everyone below the 1%.

    So if “libtards” really want to help people, “libtards” are going to first have to figure out how to get over the barrier the sadistic right has erected, and if “libtards” can’t stoop to whatever it takes to do that, then they are just fooling themselves about helping people; then they’re just stroking themselves to feel good about themselves by thinking they want to help people. If the Bernie Bros and Hillbots and vichy Dems and corporatist dems can’t set aside their internecine squabbles long enough to put the sadistic right back under their rocks, then “libtards” are all just blowing self-serving hot air.

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