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OK, people – after last week’s double-header, it’s time for old Tommy T to take a well-earned break from all the –


Trump Tells Aides He Has Decided to Remove Stephen Bannon
New York Times ^ | August 18, 2017 | MAGGIE HABERMAN

Posted on 8/18/2017, 11:46:56 AM by reaganaut1

President Trump has told senior aides that he has decided to remove Stephen K. Bannon, the embattled White House chief strategist who helped Mr. Trump win the 2016 election, according to two administration officials briefed on the discussion.

The president and senior White House officials were debating when and how to dismiss Mr. Bannon. The two administration officials cautioned that Mr. Trump is known to be averse to confrontation within his inner circle, and could decide to keep on Mr. Bannon for some time.

As of Friday morning, the two men were still discussing Mr. Bannon’s future, the officials said. A person close to Mr. Bannon insisted the parting of ways was his idea, and that he had submitted his resignation to the president on Aug. 7, to be announced at the start of this week, but it was delayed in the wake of the racial unrest in Charlottesville, Va.

Mr. Bannon had clashed for months with other senior West Wing advisers and members of the president’s family.

But the loss of Mr. Bannon, the right-wing nationalist who helped propel some of Mr. Trump’s campaign promises into policy reality, raises the potential for the president to face criticism from the conservative news media base that supported him over the past year.

1 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:46:56 AM by reaganaut1
 (composite thread)
To: BookmanTheJanitor

Then I’m out.

5 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:39:39 AM by txhurl

To: wyowolf

This is an INCREDIBLY stupid move by Trump. The one thing Trump cannot afford to do is alienate his base.

You think he gives a fuck who he alienates? You haven’t been paying attention the last 20 years or so, have you? He got what (he thought) he wanted, and as far as he cares, you and the rest of “the base” can go fuck off.

And I can’t think of anything more surely guaranteed to alienate his base than dumping Bannon.

9 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:40:23 AM by TheConservator (“The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” — Aristotle)

To: Tea Party Terrorist

It was a great ride while it lasted.

12 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:41:08 AM by proust (Since a politician never believes what he says, he is quite surprised to be taken at his word.)

To: Tea Party Terrorist

If true, Trump is is cutting his own legs out from under himself.

15 posted on8/18/2017, 11:41:21 AM by Truth29

Well, you have to do that when gangrene sets in and the stink starts to overwhelm you…
To: wyowolf

‘That f***ing Steve Bannon [is] taking credit for my election,’ Trump recently told a confidant, according to the left-leaning Buzzfeed website.

I don’t believe that quote for one second.

26 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:42:50 AM by pgkdan (The Silent Majority Stands With TRUMP!)
Of course you don’t.  It’s well known that dissing The Darnold in interviews is a fast lane to his smiling approval.
To: Tea Party Terrorist


Oh, well.
Trump was our last shot.

29 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:43:31 AM by Lurkinanloomin (Natural Born Citizen Means Born Here Of Citizen Parents – Know Islam, No Peace -No Islam, Know Peace)

Not true!
You guys have plenty of shots still coming.
To the head, to the midriff, to the crotch…..
More Freeper tears below…

To: Tea Party Terrorist


Now that was really stupid of President Trump to fire one of your most loyal staff members when you still have far too many rats running through our White House and agovernment agencies.

32 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:43:58 AM by puppypusher ( The World is going to the dogs.)

To: Tea Party Terrorist

People come and go so quickly here.

33 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:44:01 AM by Leaning Right (I have already previewed or do not wish to preview this composition.)
I’ve got a better one :
To: Tea Party Terrorist



Looks like.
To: reaganaut1


Bannon was the last one pushing the agenda.

Trump is finished. He’s surrounded by Dems and Rinos

4 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:48:37 AM by snarkytart

The Darnold just got really pissed off when Bannon told him he couldn’t fire McConnell.
One Freeper gets it:
To: TheConservator

Destruction of Trump’s base is all but impossible. His base will find a way to rationalize this and anything he does.

42 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:45:40 AM by joesbucks

Ya think? Let’s see if you’re right :
To: Tea Party Terrorist


Trump moves people around all the time. Kust(sic) his management style.

40 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:44:53 AM by buffaloguy

“Trump moves people around  fires anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass all the time. Kust(sic) his management style”
To: txhurl

Only possible upside is Bannon can now do more damage to the Left from the outside.

That a helluva upside. He might be able to to more to advance Trump’s agenda from the outside, too.

45 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:46:02 AM by Cboldt
The Darnold should now fire himself!
Just think of all the damage he could do then!
To: Cboldt


And if he and DJT pretend to be hostile to each other while still collaborating……

56 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:47:46 AM by txhurl

Hey – what if they had a cage match with butcher knives and pretended to fight to the death?
That would really be a win!
To: Tea Party Terrorist

I think that interview did him in.

Undercutting the boss in public is a good way to get unemployed.

Sad to see him go though. There are fewer voices to balance out McMaster’s insanity now. Wish Trump would show him the door too.

71 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:49:40 AM by JamesP81 (The DNC poses a greater threat to my liberty than terrorists, China, and Russia. Combined.)

And now – proving that the Freeperati always have their fingers on the pulse of current events :
To: TheConservator
I didn’t vote for Bannnon(sic).

The name Bannon doesn’t actually have any meaning to me at all, outside of what the media told me the name means, and I know that was a lie, because it came from the media.

72 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:50:06 AM by chris37 (Donald J. Trump, Tom Brady, The Patriots… American Destiny!)

To: txhurl

“Only possible upside is Bannon can now do more damage to the Left from the outside.”

Well yes, but equally likely is that Bannon will turn Breitbart loose fully on Trump. Trump could find himself without any allies as the wolves close in both the Democrats and many Republicans.

74 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:50:09 AM by Truth29
Well, he’s always got you guys…
To: All


Trump deserves whatever happens to him. He was warned about McMaster and the others but they stay and Bannon goes. I suddenly care a lot less about any of it. We almost had something, the moment he allowed the scorpions on his boat he was done. He needed to listen to his inauguration speech.

77 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:51:13 AM by gibsonguy

Listen to it?
He could barely read it off the teleprompter.
To: Tea Party Terrorist


Well, I am done with Trump now. Bannon was the main reason I supported Trump. The administration is over as far as I am concerned. Going forward I will neither support nor pray for Trump.

82 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:52:41 AM by solitonic (Be on guard. Stand firm in the faith. Be courageous. Be strong. (1Cor 16:13))

Oh, that’s gonna cut him to the quick.
To: Jess Kitting


Bannon said he would never quit..I was told that over and over again here….must have been fired

97 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:54:54 AM by RummyChick (can we switch Don,Jr for Prince Kush and his flak jacket. From Yacht Party to Warzone ready to wear.)

You actually believe shit you read on Free Republic?
It says right here on the warning label :
To: AC86UT89

Doesn’t seem like these people being fired were very good at their jobs.

How is the judgement of someone picking people not very good at their jobs?

99 posted on8/18/2017, 11:55:33 AM by nickcarraway
To: reaganaut1
So, now Trump loses his base. He’ll be one term -if that.
He now has NO FRIENDS at all. He allowed himself to be played by the Leftist media who are now laughing their asses off.
Deep state has him. He’s toast. 

13 posted on 8/18/2017, 11:55:20 AM by Justa

To: Red Steel
“It’s McMaster who wants him fired.”
Of course. So the muzzie sympathizer POS McMaster stays and Bannon goes great just great. I could take Bannonn leaving if McMaster got kicked out too. There will be no wall or tax cuts. Say goodbye to your base. 

63 posted on 8/18/2017, 12:14:16 PM by gibsonguy

Goodbye, your base!!
To: reaganaut1
This Admin. is being taken apart piece by piece. 

68 posted on 8/18/2017, 12:16:15 PM by Galaxy111

…by the guy at the top…
Like they say: “You can’t make an omelette without breaking every egg you have and throwing all of them in the trash bin!”
Wait – whut?
And now – The Post Of The Thread!!
To: reaganaut1


BTW did Sessions forget to resign? Or, did Pres. Trump forget to fire him?

70 posted on 8/18/2017, 12:18:15 PM by Leep (Less talk more ACTiON!)

OK, folks – this time I really am going to be gone for a couple of weeks – elective surgery, no biggie.
Ya’ll play nice in the sandbox, y’hear?

One thought on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “You are the weakest link” edition

  1. The schadenfreude!

    This was the thread I have been waiting for since November. As soon as I heard the news start to break I trotted over to my usual roll of Loonie Right sites to watch the dawning realization. It was the Kübler-Ross model played out in real time across maybe six hours.

    1. Fake News! I will believe it when I see it someplace other than Drudge (that traitor)
    3. Okay, Bannon wasn’t as important as the wall and killing Obamacare. Let’s see how this goes.
    4. Oh man, Trump’s going to go full RINO now. I will never vote again….
    5. This might be for the best, Bannon is now fully unchained, and Trump can act without the distractions and infighting he was creating.

    Best thing for me to come out of that thread was the discovery that many of the Freepers are dumping Drudge for The Liberty Daily, which is EXACTLY like Drudge. I mean, exactly.

    Best wishes on the surgery

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