Album Cover Art Wednesday: Total Eclipse

I have a confession: I watched the eclipse on the tube with the other boobs. I ventured out briefly to shadow gaze but it was insanely hot so  Oscar and I watched CBS and the Weather Channel. Della didn’t give a shit because it wasn’t about her. So it goes.

The sum total of my contribution to eclipse mania is to post this 1974 Billy Cobham album cover two days after the fact. Hey, at least it’s a great album made by great players including Cobham on drums, John Scofield on guitar, Michael Brecker on woodwinds, and Randy Brecker on trumpet. It’s fusion at its finest. The cover is swell as well.

The back cover is good but doesn’t eclipse the front:

Finally, here’s the whole damn album. Play it loud:

3 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Total Eclipse

  1. Excellent cover art. The eclipse was something special…

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