Weird Thanks From New Orleans

Athenae offered up wholesome thanks to everyone who supported the First Draft fundraiser. I’m offering up weird thanks: a few pictures from Saturday’s massive Krewe du Vieux party/fundraiser, the Brew Doo or is that Dieux? Beats the hell outta me, y’all.

The Krewe of Spank has our own deeply twisted fundraising game: the Dirty Weiner Drop. Players climb a ladder and attempt to drop a dirty weiner on the target. In past years, Bobby Jindal and David Vitter have been among our targets. We like to keep it local, y’all. That’s why this year’s target was celebrity perv, Chef John Besh:

We have “crappy prizes” for the weiner winners. This year’s prizes were actually pretty good. But nobody wanted to take this Devil Doll donated by my little buddy Ryan:

Our den neighbors, the Krewe of Drips and Discharges, won the night with their Voodoo Trump Dick Doll. Dr. A bought one but I’m too lazy to photograph it so I stole this picture from my friend Brother Bob Bolin:

Btw, Brother Bob is no relation to former Giants pitcher, Bob Bolin; not that anyone but Doc or I give a shit about such things.

Thanks again for your support and for pitching in and making our fundraiser a success. The last word goes to (who else?) Sly & the Family Stone:

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