Trumpy’s Dowdy Dignity Wraith

History was made when Trump’s private shyster, John Dowd, claimed that he “composed” this tweet on behalf of his client:

Dowdy is a creepy shyster but only Trump is stupid enough to admit to obstructing justice. Speaking of dowdy liars, Kellyanne Conway is backing up Dowdy’s lie with another lie. That’s right, a senior White House aide is providing Trump’s mouthpiece with an alibi.  This is my favorite bit:

“I was with the President on Saturday all day, frankly, and I know that what Mr. Dowd says is correct. What he says is that he put it together and sent it to our director of social media,” Conway said on “Fox and Friends.”

She said that it’s common for Trump’s lawyers to craft his tweets.

 “The lawyers are the ones that understand how to put those tweets together,” she said.

You mean Trump doesn’t lie in bed and spew hateful nonsense on the tweeter tube? He has lawyers and social media people “craft” his tweets? This is a bald-faced lie even for the woman who coined the phrase “alternative facts.” Did Dowdy “craft” this tweet too?

Trump famously goes after “Crooked Hillary” when he’s pitching a “I’m in deep shit and sinking fast” tantrum. Did Dowdy think going after the FBI is a good idea? I have my doubts about that. He’s resorted to the ultimate LOSER defense:

 “(The) President cannot obstruct justice because he is the chief law enforcement officer under (the Constitution’s Article II) and has every right to express his view of any case.”

How did this defense work out for Tricky Dick, Dowdy? There’s already precedent that you’re wrong, asswipe. One of the Nixon articles of impeachment dealt with obstruction of justice.  Presidents are not above the law since we live in a democracy despite Trump’s attempts to pervert our system of government. Dowdy and Conway are accomplices in Trumpy’s attempt to hijack the constitution. Thanks, Dowdy.

Team Mueller needs to put Dowdy and Conway under oath and see if they’ll repeat the same story. I have my doubts that they will, but if they do welcome to Indictment City, y’all.

Dowdy is putting his reputation and career at stake by lying for Trumpy. It’s pretty obvious who’s in charge of the Trump defense right now: the Insult Comedian.  In short, the inmate is running the asylum. If Dowdy doesn’t get control of his client, he could lose his law license and even his freedom. Nobody believes that Trump has others “craft” or “compose” his tweets. It’s just another whopper from the Liar-in-Chief’s lackeys.

John Dowd is the latest in a long of people who have destroyed their reputations by associating with this president*. Dowdy may think he’s special but, in the end, he’s just another dignity wraith.

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  1. I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now it’s time to erase that mistake.

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