Then There Were Two

Internet, this is Ada. Ada, this is the Internet.

Ada — so named for Ada Byron Lovelace, given her lovely Victorian collar — came home from the vet Wednesday. She and Slade were littermates, and they seemed attached to one another in the shelter. It also seemed rude to have just one kitten, and we had room for two, even if we’re presently trying to figure out where to put all the shit they immediately acquired.

These are the most spoiled cats in the entire universe. They’re also kind of puppy-like. They follow Mr. A around the house. Slade plays fetch for HOURS with this jingly feather toy he has. Ada will sit directly in front of whatever book or screen I’m trying to read until I give her the pets she is due. We actually had to separate Kick and Slade for a while because HE wanted more togetherness than she did.

It’s great having animals again. Yes, it’s an unholy chaotic mess, but Jesus, these days what isn’t, and more time shaking a ribbon for kittens to dance at means fewer dollars spent at therapy.



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  1. People have cats because they’re funny. FYI, the following is classic love cat behavior. There was one cat I stepped on almost every day because he followed me everywhere.

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