Album Cover Art Wednesday: Underground

The avant-garde jazz pianist and composer Thelonious Monk was almost as eccentric as Sun Ra. That’s why Columbia Records art director John Berg came up with this oddball cover for Monk’s 1968 LP, Underground. Here’s how Berg described it:

 “On Thelonious Monk’s Underground, a project with photographers Steve Horn and Norman Griner, the title of the album came from a current jazz movement, which I twisted into a version of the French anti-Nazi underground of World War II. An entire set was built and the scene was full of costumed extras. There was no problem with budgets in those days. I won a Grammy for that cover, by the way.”

Monk was kinda, sorta a musical Maquisard so I guess it worked:

If you think you’re seeing double it’s because you are. Here’s the most recent CD re-release version of the album.