Run, Hamsters, Run

How many times do you have to see this before it becomes too embarrassing to fall for it one more time?

Do you have to be reminded about ACORN?

About Shirley Sherrod?

About Howard Dean?

About John Kerry?

About Van Jones?

About Paul Wellstone’s funeral, or Coretta Scott King’s?

About Planned Parenthood, NPR, and probably six dozen other wheels onto which you jumped and ran in the past 15 years?

Over and over and over they do this and every time, every single time, you react the same way.

Please, Mr. Republican, don’t hurt me. I’m very sorry for doing exactly what you said I did, even though that’s not what I did at all. I’ll be good next time. I promise. 

The cowardice is disgusting. Especially in this case since the entire WHCD blowfest is meant to be about the value of journalism and standing up for First Amendment rights. Those rights apparently extend to wearing a dress and being nice to government functionaries like we’re all in a big game of Candyland together and none of this matters a whit.

The wheel goes round and round and the hamsters keep running. Jill Carroll. Graeme Frost. That Milo creature and his ten-a-penny fascisti and whatever professor they’re pissed at this week. I don’t understand the value in being conned, obviously and completely, when it’s clear to every one of your readers and listeners and viewers that you are being conned and you don’t care because someone was impolite at a party.

Nothing can knock you off the wheel. Not a war based on lies, and the exposure of those lies. Not endless proof that none of the critics or tea people who hate you are motivated entirely by bad faith and pure, uncut racist hate. Not the past two decades of slow destruction you so flippantly blame on “both sides” of “the political divide.”

Over and over they prove to you that you shouldn’t give their criticisms the time of day, much less let them keep you up at night, and still you grovel.

If there’s a shining light here, it’s how few people pay attention to you anymore. I know I should be sad or something, because blah blah blah Guardians of Democracy. There are instances of genuine persecution of journalists in this country and in many others. There is a crying need for strong voices defending freedom of the press, especially against a president whose campaign put you in cages and screamed obscenities in your faces. There is a need for people to stand up and fight back.

You’re not doing that. You’re just running in circles, hoping nobody notices you’re going nowhere.