Straight To Helsinki

Donald Trump’s stock in trade as a political figure is confirming our worst fears. It happened again during that disgusting press conference at which he once again accepted Vladimir Putin’s word as to Russian non-involvement in the stealing the 2016 election. People need to stop calling it “meddling” when the operative word is stealing.

In his refusal to even hedge about Russian hacking, Trump verified that he is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence. He could have said something like “Russians did it but President Putin knew nothing about it.” Instead, Trump attacked Democrats, the “rigged Mueller witch hunt,” and all the usual Trumper suspects. He forgot, however, to call Mexicans rapists and to blame it all on MS-13.

There was even a public Trump meltdown after a question as to whether Russia had any compromising material on him. Putin issued a bland non-denial denial and Trumpy erupted into a tirade about witch hunts, Crooked Hillary, and Peter Strzok. He was half-right about Strzok, those hearings *were* a disgrace, but to the Party of Trump, not to the FBI agent.

I saw calls on twitter for mass resignations in protest from the Trump administration. There will be none. The Republican party is a wholly owned subsidiary of a president* who is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence.

I wish I could say I was shocked but I was not even if it was worse than expected. It’s time for the pundits to stop being mystified and tell it like it is. When someone acts *this* guilty it’s invariably because they are.

Repeat after me: Donald Trump is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence.

3 thoughts on “Straight To Helsinki

  1. Trumpspeak. Trumpism turns everything upside down and backwards. Whatever Trump says he can turn around and say he never said it. The truth is never spoken. We have Trumpspeak.

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