Today On Stupid Trumper Tricks

Remember the Trumpy Bear? It may have been topped by the latest malakatude from the Trump personality cult: a Trump action figure. I should have said personality cults because his adversary is Kim Jong Un who surely leads Tweety Boy around by the nose in between body slams.

The notion of a Trump action figure is ludicrous: the man sits around eating junk food, watching teevee, and tweeting. The only action he’s involved in is golfing when he’s not wrecking the country. Besides, he’s a golf cart rider, not a walker.

There *is* an alternate package that doesn’t have Putin as a referee but it’s not as funny. This thing is on sale at Wal-Mart and other retailers for a mere $16.99. It’s hair-pulling good fun. It would make an excellent dog or cat toy if your pet is particularly destructive.

That concludes this edition of Stupid Trumper Tricks.