Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – “do not collect $200” edition

Morning, everyone!

I’ll bet you’ve been waiting for days to see the Freeperati melt down over The Darnold’s Very Bad Day?

Wait no longer.

Manafort jury has reached a verdict on 8 of 18 counts
MSN News ^ | August 21, 2018 | MATTHEW BARAKAT, CHAD DAY and ERIC TUCKER

Posted on 8/21/2018, 3:37:40 PM by detective

Jury in Paul Manafort financial fraud trial says it’s reached a verdict on 8 counts, but remains undecided on 10 others.

The jury in the financial fraud trial of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort suggested to the judge Tuesday that it was stuck on at least one count in the case.

Jurors asked U.S. District Judge T.S. Ellis III on their fourth day of deliberations how they should fill out the verdict form if they were unable to reach consensus on a single count, though they did not suggest what charge was at issue. The jury of six men and six women also said it would need a new verdict form.

1 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:37:40 PM by detective
To: rdl6989

“Guilty on 8.”

Will that require one presidential Pardon or 8 Presidential Pardons?

8 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:41:57 PM by Blue House Sue

How about none?
Does none work for you?
To: Repeal 16-17

This is still in no way a “vindication” of the Mueller witch hunt.

12 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:42:37 PM by henkster (Monsters from the Id.)

You fonny boy.
To: Repeal 16-17

Ok now declared hung jury on the 10.

14 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:43:12 PM by Williams (Stop tolerating the intolerant.)

To: detective

Manafort helped elect Trump, the left is out for blood.

25 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:47:53 PM by stockpirate (TYRANNY IS THY NAME REBELLION IS OUR ANSWER. HANG THEM ALL!)

To: detective


Obama and Hillary sell uranium to our enemies and nothin is done.

Manafort is lazy in doing his tax returns and they send him to the slammer.

Please pardon this great patriot Mr President ! This is a politically(sic) witch hunt and we all know it

28 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:49:06 PM by WashingtonFire (President Trump – it’s like having your dad as President)

To: tennmountainman

All this does is point out the obvious double standard that exists in our “justice” system.

… and OUR side is in charge!

Imagine that.

I’d like to know why:

Trump isn’t firing Sessions.
And Sessions isn’t firing Rosenweasel
And Rosenweasel isn’t firing the seditious bastards in the FBI
and NONE of them are shutting down Mueller’s years-long witch hunt in an investigation WITHOUT A CRIME.

We’re IN CHARGE and the system is STILL allowed to carry on with all of its business-as-usual corruption! That’s what gets under my skin. I keep waiting for SOMEONE or SOMETHING to clean it out and it just doesn’t seem to happen. It’s always “oh, well… wait for THIS report” or “THAT report” or “Wait until after the election!” -— then it will be “Wait until after the Holidays!” then it will be “Wait until the new Congress is seated!” then a thousand other things – with “WAIT” being the key word in each one.

Come on, President Trump – DO SOMETHING.


29 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:51:05 PM by Pravious

US tycoon Donald Trump plays a stroke as
To: detective
None of these charges have anything to do with Trump.

Well then, he has nothing to worry about, does he?

Yet by rooting for Manafort to be judged not guilty, folks here are basically making it about Trump. They are playing right into the hands of the Trump haters.

30 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:51:43 PM by SamAdams76 ( If you are offended by what I have to say here then you can blame your parents for raising a wuss)

To: CJ Wolf

Yep, didn’t help my confidence in his innocence when he went that route.

While it does bother me that Clinton and company haven’t been taken to task, I’m not convinced Manafort wasn’t guilty here.

If he evaded taxes and got caught, Trump shouldn’t pardon him.

31 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:51:55 PM by DoughtyOne (01/26/18 DJIA 30 stocks $26,616.71 48.794% > open 11/07/16 215.71 from 50% increase 1.2183 yrs)

It gets better (or worse, depending on your POV) below, so you know what to do.

To: detective

This is a victory for Manafort. And for Trump.


Mueller threw his best at Manafort. And this is the result?

Mueller had unlimited resources, all the money he needed, the best Hillary lawyers anywhere.

And he could not win this case.

43 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:58:44 PM by Responsibility2nd

8 guilty verdicts sounds like a win to me.
Just sayin’…
To: detective

Multiple indictments against Trump associates, now multiple guilty pleas and guilty verdicts and yet, not one leftist criminal so much as charged. This is NOT 4D chess. This is the left, as usual, walking all over the right and the right not doing a damned thing. I really don’t care to vote in November. I don’t even care if the GOP loses the House or Senate. Same enemies, and nothing will be done about any of them.

44 posted on 8/21/2018, 3:59:16 PM by dware (Americans prefer peaceful slavery over dangerous freedom)

To: stockpirate

I look at this another way. Manafort was tried first.

Manafort is the LOW BAR. More trials are coming, and the evidence against these people will be far better, and the crimes much more substantial.

46 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:00:01 PM by RinaseaofDs

So, Freepers – WHAT – YOU – DO – NOW???
To: dware

Dear Lord execute your justice on the evil schemers and the unrepentant arrogant wicked who plot against truth and righteousness. Exonerate the innocent and fight their oppressors. In Jesus name Amen:

53 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:04:55 PM by tflabo (Varmints)

You Freepers had better turn to the wingnut news sources for comfort….
To: detective

Drudge has flipped.

59 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:08:04 PM by conservative98
To: stevecmd

Drudge is a waste of time.

When that false flag Charlottesville happened just over a year ago, idiot Drudge head a headline “Make America Hate Again.”

It was the last time I visited his web page. I haven’t been back since.

88 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:29:12 PM by july4thfreedomfoundation (Washington is NOT a swamp…..It’s a cesspool!)

Or, to put it more succinctly :
To: conservative98

Drudge is a faggot

144 posted on 8/21/2018, 5:35:09 PM by Vaquero (Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you.)

To: CJ Wolf

What would be the doubt? A person whose majoring in nursing and taking Accounting 101 as an elective would notice $16 million missing from the balance sheet in there(sic) first week of class. The bank fraud is backed by piles of documents. How do you create reasonable doubt against empirical evidence?“Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, my next witness is Dr. Doubt who will prove that your eyes are lying, reality does not exist, and Manafort is innocent”.

63 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:10:58 PM by rollo tomasi (Working hard to pay for deadbeats and corrupt politicians.)
To: Responsibility2nd

“This is a victory for Manafort. And for Trump.”

Sorry, I just don’t see it.

There’s a very disturbing pattern in play here.

While it seems the “good guys” are perpetually crossing fingers, rationalizing and silver lining-seeking (not to mention watching political brethren resigning or going to jail), the likes of Hillary, her husband, Obama, Rangel, Sharpton et al continue to pop the champagne, enjoy their celebrity and pad their bank accounts.

If it sounds like today’s events have left me despondent, it’s because I am.

79 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:24:19 PM by daler
To: All

Has Q made a dropping yet?

83 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:25:07 PM by JonPreston

To: JonPreston

“Q” is in the bathroom working on his next dump.

94 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:32:51 PM by tennmountainman (“Trust Sessions” Yeah Right!)

Couldn’t have said it any better myself.

To: daler

This is insane!! These POS are truly asking for a CW!!

Clean window? Common wisdom? Crazy whackadoodle? Country and western?

AND WE JUST WANT TO SIT IT Out until November?!! Ok folks truth be told!! These are awesome words from a very wise man!
IF WE DON’T FIGHT WE ARE SAYING YES TO EVIL, IF WE DON’T FIGHT we are saying yes to bondage,

I love it when you talk dirty.

if we don’t fight we are saying yes to defeat..if the light does not fight we are giving victory to darkness .. we have an enemy we have to fight, if we don’t fight we are giving them free reign to hinder us, to enslave us, to keep us in bondage,

You kinky girl, you.

to paralyze us, to keep us in fear ….a slave is not a fighter, a fighter is not a slave, if we don’t fight we become slaves to the demonic powers…if we fight we become free …you have a fight and you have been given power to stop the enemy by the power of the Lord’s name and to enable us to have victory, but we have to fight…don’t fear the fight don’t be intimidated by the enemy..never give up!!! embrace the fight GET into the fight!!

97 posted on 8/21/2018, 4:34:06 PM by RoseofTexas

Fight? What exactly do you want Freepers to DO?
Punch the judge in the mouth?
Actually, try that and then let me know how it works out for you.
By mail, not in person.
To: Starboard

Trump has been in denial about the seriousness of the plot against him.

Absolutely true! He rails on Twitter, but his presidential actions do not back up his bark.

152 posted on 8/21/2018, 5:56:17 PM by Theodore R.
Imagine that.
To: ScottinVA

Where is Sessions

He’s on pot patrol.

149 posted on 8/21/2018, 5:49:39 PM by corlorde

To: Theodore R.

Pound sand Sessions was an outstanding Senator.

Punctuation is important.

Shame he went to work for someone who could’t keep his willie in his pants and had such sleazy friends.

158 posted on 8/21/2018, 6:10:47 PM by gov_bean_ counter (Ruth Bader Ginsburg doctor is a taxidermist.)

To: gov_bean_ counter

Shame he went to work for someone who could’t keep his willie in his pants and had such sleazy friends.

Never Trumpers are like an ant infestation… just when you think that you have them all taken care of… a few more come sneaking come out from under the base trim and start sneaking across the carpet. You might be more welcome somewhere else.

164 posted on 8/21/2018, 7:02:14 PM by fireman15
Battlebots – FIGHT!!
To: fireman15

I voted for Trump. Truth is he has sleezy friends and can’t keep his willie in his pants. Sorry reality escapes you.

170 posted on 8/21/2018, 8:09:11 PM by gov_bean_ counter (Ruth Bader Ginsburg doctor is a taxidermist.)

And now – the reply of the thread!!
To: gov_bean_ counter

Duh…He is a billionaire. If he didn’t have sleazy “friends” I would be shocked.

And who cares if he has slept around.

171 posted on 8/21/2018, 8:33:46 PM by PJBankard (Heaven has strict immigration policies. Hell has open borders.)

At least it can’t get any worse.

Michael Cohen in talks to plead guilty to criminal charge CNN ^ | Updated 2:42 PM ET, Tue August 21, 2018 | Kara Scannell, Shimon Prokupecz, Laura Jarrett and Erica Orden Posted on 8/21/2018, 1:45:40 PM by PresidentFelon


“As part of the plea deal under discussion, Cohen is not expected to cooperate with the government, one source said. However, by pleading guilty both Cohen and prosecutors would avoid the spectacle and uncertainty of a trial.”

1 posted on 8/21/2018, 1:45:40 PM by PresidentFelon
Your Freeperville screen name is PRESIDENT FELON??
Let’s hear from bondage babe “RoseofTexas”.
To: PresidentFelon

I hear at 4 o’clock announcement..I’m SOOOOOO sick of this chit!!! Consider this witch hunt to continue for the next 6 years!! UGH!! F U SESSIONS!!!

4 posted on 8/21/2018, 1:51:52 PM by RoseofTexas

Oooh!! Can I watch??  I’m getting aroused here.
Still, it probably can’t get any worse.
Cohen won’t accept pardon from Trump, attorney says
The Politico ^ | August 22, 2018 | Stephanie Murray
Posted on 8/22/2018, 11:49:58 AM by 2ndDivisionVetPresident Donald Trump’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen will “under no circumstances” accept a pardon from his former boss, Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis said Wednesday.

Cohen pleaded guilty Tuesday in a Manhattan federal court to violating campaign finance laws during the 2016 campaign, including making hush-money payments to two women who claim they had affairs with the president. Cohen implicated the president in his guilty plea, telling the court that he made those payments “in coordination and at the direction of a candidate for federal office.”

Asked whether his client would seek a pardon from the president, Cohen’s attorney Lanny Davis said “the answer is definitively no” during an appearance on CNN Wednesday morning.


Who in the hell offered him one in the first place?
1 posted on 8/22/2018, 11:49:58 AM by 2ndDivisionVet
To: 2ndDivisionVet

Yes what’s up with that?

All this talk of pardons being discussed on cable news channels, is very very premature to be discussing at all.

Perhaps the liberals want to press the issue to make people think Trump is going to hand out pardons? Which would make a.juicy issue for Democrats??

5 posted on 8/22/2018, 11:53:07 AM by Dilbert San Diego

Well, at least it PROBABLY couldn’t get any worse…
To: 2ndDivisionVet

Roger stone is saying Donald Jr is going down next. Bank fraud.

12 posted on 8/22/2018, 11:58:47 AM by Karl Spooner

I’ll let “Preacher”s Cassidy have the last word here :
This should be a fun week.