Sunday Catblogging

These two psychotic dingos are my favorites. Seriously, at least ten times a day I pick up Slade all WHO’S THE BEST BABY KITTY BABY?!!!! like a lunatic and rub my face in his fur while he purrs like he swallowed a motorcycle. Ada likes to sleep on my feet when I’m working from home and she’ll come up and take my phone out of my hands, as in pull on it with her kitten teeth until I put it down and pet her.

We left them overnight recently (horror) and these were the faces we were greeted with when we got back:

I think Kick gets jealous sometimes because we spend so much time uncritically loving on them but listen, kid, they don’t refuse to eat the dinner I make for them so TAKE SOME NOTES.


One thought on “Sunday Catblogging

  1. The whole point of having Kittehs is so that you CAN leave over nite or for hours on end during the day and they will be fine (if they have food all the time). They know how to use the toilet and can use the microwave to make their dinner. Also, they sleep the whole time you are gone and sense when you are home, so they get up and fake like they care that you were gone.

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