Any. Minute. Now.

Trump will literally be herding people who mildly criticize him into cattle cars OH WAIT and Republicans and pundits will be going NOW WOULD BE A GOOD TIME FOR SOMEONE TO STAND UP TO HIM:

You know when else would have been a good time, Jenny? When he fucking declared his candidacy by calling Mexicans rapists and murderers. When he was screaming LOCK HER UP from the podium and mocking disabled reporters and passing off “grab them by the pussy” as “locker room talk” and all any of your glorious principled conservatives did was rub their foreheads and duck the mic.

And if Mitt Romney does this tonight or tomorrow morning he doesn’t get a cookie and neither does any other Republican senator because they could have stopped this any old goddamn time.

Fucking Christ. They are not going to stand up to him. They were not going to do it when he stood next to Putin in Helsinki and said look, I don’t believe our own intelligence services I believe his lying butt face. They are not going to stand up to Trump because they don’t want to. Because it doesn’t benefit them. Because they don’t see what you see.

What you see is the course of history or whatever Mr. Smith/Washington fantasy and you think this is some kind of goal, being brave. What they see are dollars and voters and they recognize that they’ll keep getting both if they just keep their mouths shut and letting Trump’s manners obscure their machinations.

His policy aims are theirs. His goals are theirs. His voters are theirs. For 40 years this has been true and you expect somebody like Mitt Romney, who is like if a webinar was a person, to be a hero? What FOR? What does he want that Donald Trump does not provide?

You can’t answer that, you have no business asking the questions you’re asking.


3 thoughts on “Any. Minute. Now.

  1. There is a considerable risk, her, for his party members who stick by him. There will be plenty of black eyes to go around, and they refuse to consider their own survival, politically speaking, and only look at today and the money that they can rake in before the fan gets covered.

  2. Yep. For two solid years, Republicans in the House and the Senate got up every morning, looked over the headlines and checked their online news feeds, and said, “Yup, everything’s going just fine. No need for any input on my part. Stay the course.”

    Now, after they got munched in the mid-terms, there are a couple of Republican office-holders getting up on their hind legs – ever so timidly – to suggest that perhaps, maybe, one of these days, soon but not too soon, somebody in the Republican caucus (but not, you know, me) needs to do . . . well, something.

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