It’s Over For Now

America is no longer held hostage; at least until February 15th. The Trump regime is still making bellicose noises but, until proven otherwise, I’m inclined to view it as meaningless dick waving. They’re showing off for their base but it’s doubtful that Senate Republicans will support another shutdown. I suspect there are more than six GOPers who will vote to keep the government open without explicit funding for Trumpy’s wall folly. Why? The Trump “brand” is becoming increasingly toxic.

I posted William Copley’s think flag instead of a Jasper Johns flag to strike a cautionary note if they think another Trump shutdown is a good idea. The White House is still muttering about declaring a national emergency over Trumpy’s wall folly, but that’s a path that should not be taken. Lindsey Graham and the Freedom Caucus fucks may think it’s a good idea but not many others do. Trump’s scare stories aren’t working: I wish someone would use duct tape on *his* big fat bazoo.

There has been a silly debate in the stupider corners of the tweeter tube over who won the shutdown battle. They want a simple, nay simplistic answer, that points in one direction. One such argument is that¬† workers won the battle, not Speaker Pelosi. I think (there’s that word again) that it’s both. Congressional Democrats held firm and air traffic controllers delivered the final blow with their slow motion sick out. Additionally, the president* wanted to distract attention from the Stone arrest and indictment.

While there were political winners of the shutdown, it came at a substantial economic cost. Federal employees will eventually get back pay, but contract workers will not and I’m talking about people like cafeteria workers and janitors. That’s another reason everyone should think twice before plunging into another hostage situation such as the one that lasted 35 days.¬† Unfortunately, the Trump regime is not known for thinking first. Stay tuned.

The last word goes to (who else) Aretha:

If you were expecting Roy Orbison, I’d hate to disappoint you:

2 thoughts on “It’s Over For Now

  1. Agreed. Trump has lost his power. His presidency died on that hill. What we are seeing now is just posturing. It’s actually incredible for the Trump administration fails to create its own reality, the way Reagan, Bush 41 and Bush 43 did. Remember the “good” Khmer Rouge and Contras? Remember the Iraqi army killing newborns in Kuwait? Remember how Saddam had stockpiles of WMDs and was gong to give them to Al Qaeda? We believed all of that. But women being bounded and driven into the USA in vans making a “quick left”? We don’t believe any of it. Trump can’t do the Jedi mind tricks that the Bushes mastered.

    1. The Bush family are Old Money criminals. The Trumps will prove to be a family of Fredos.

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