Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Book Of Faces edition

OK, people – a short post FOR REAL this time (the available material always overwhelms my intentions to do a short post).

Before we get to the Facebooky stuff, I guess by now, everyone’s seen this :

GOP Presidential Candidate Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Tampa, Florida

So help me, this was all I could see instead:



OK – I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff like this in my Facebook news feed :

(A person named David, on the subject of Alexandria Cortez) :

“Anyone the Republicans are trying so hard to destroy has got to scare them…badly. I follow her on IG, and she’s doing a lot of things right.”

My friend Diane, whose page the above was posted on :

“She was not the only person questioning Cohen. Also, she doesn’t scare me. I’m just sick of her already.

I dislike the obsessive fawning over a person who has, realistically, done precious little so far besides tweet. I also distrust her whole “(IN)Justice (not) Democrats” shtick. She could do a lot more good by attacking some Republicans instead of going after Dems like Hakeem Jeffries.

All of this is beside the point anyway. I am allowed to dislike her, particularly on my own page.

I would rather see more coverage of other new Congresswomen, like Ayanna Pressley, Lucy McBath or Sharice Davids. I keep trying to share stories about them, but the media only wants to yap about this one.”

Then David posted this :

“Anyone the Republicans are trying so hard to destroy has got to scare them…badly. “

David seems to miss the difference between scaring the GOP base and turning them out.

So, quoth I :

They’re not scared. They’re happy to use her as an example of left-wing extremism.
They love her.

David replied :

“Which is exactly why the Republican party is so morally bankrupt and sick in its core…”

Trying to move the goalposts on me doesn’t really work all that well.


I replied :

And that has nothing to do with my point. AOL is their boogeyman made flesh, and they’ll happily use her to motivate their base.
What you think about her is irrelevant to the case you made
(that the GOP is afraid of her), and that I debunked.
Show my work?  OK.

From Free Republic:

To: Libloather

AOC is doing our work FOR us, sorta like washing your car, or parking it for you when you arrive at the casino:

2 posted on 3/1/2019, 8:10:35 PM by gaijin 
Meet the Greatest GOP Salesperson in History
GATEWAY PUNDIT ^ | 3/1/2019 | Wayne Allyn Root

Posted on 3/1/2019, 5:59:46 PM by bitt

I want to celebrate the greatest GOP salesperson in history: Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (aka AOC).

With enemies like AOC, who needs friends? No friend of mine, or friend of the GOP could ever do for Republicans what Ocasio-Cortez is doing on a daily basis.

The more AOC and her communist cabal talks about killing farting cows; trains that fly across oceans; ending all cars, trucks, boats and planes; knocking down all homes and buildings; free housing for all provided by Big Brother; guaranteed income whether you feel like working, or not; abortion in every pot (even after the baby is born alive); and let’s not forget her love for socialist hellholes like Venezuela and hatred for Israel…add these up and it spells…

Trump landslide in 2020. 

To: bitt
Yahoo News is portraying AOC as the “New GOP Boogeywoman” – they actually seem to think the Republicans are afraid and worried about her and her influence 
4 posted on 3/1/2019, 6:10:39 PM by Intolerant in NJ 

To: bitt

I agree with Mr. Root; AOC is a fantastic salesperson for conservatives. She needs to talk a lot more and explain in excruciating detail all the parts of her ‘death to America’ plan. Please, AOC, keep talking.
5 posted on 3/1/2019, 6:11:02 PM by upchuck (Listening AOC? “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” ~ Mike Tyson)

Yeah – they really sound terrified.

That’s it for this week (you can read this past Thursday’s mini-Obsession here) .

Feel free to roast me for failing to worship at the feet of Alexandria in the comments.

6 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Book Of Faces edition

  1. I enjoy hearing the freepers’ takes on the universe, but their opinion of Democrats is useless to me. If it wasn’t AOC, it would be someone else they would single out. For me, AOC’s value, like Beto, is in getting people excited to talk about progressive ideas. Triangulation got Clinton and Obama so far, but it wore out our excitement. If the next election is going to be about turnout, I think we need the excitement.

    1. Excitement doesn’t pass legislation. Votes do. As Sanders found out in the last primary, however enthusiastically you pull the lever, it only counts once.
      I see the same thing over and over in political forums:
      “I think we should have”
      “I think we should provide”

      I think a lot of things too, but I’m not so stupid that I think what wishing for something is going to make it magically appear.

      The only question that matters is: Can you get the votes? In BOTH houses of Congress?

      I do change, but I don’t do unicorns.

  2. I’m a tad confused about why anyone would post that they’re “sick of” Ocasio-Cortez when she’s been in office less than two months, or why you are suddenly treating the ravings of the Freepers you’ve been rightly deriding for years as informed commentary. Even the examples you posted to bolster your point are full of lies (“AOC wants to kill all the farting cows and wants abortion in every pot!”); there’s no reason to think the political analysis in the lines before or after is any more finely-honed.

    As for more coverage of other Congresswomen, that can be a double-edged sword, certainly Tlaib got a lot the other day. But Pressley did pick up some at the hearings and I suspect that as the events that led to Ocasio-Cortez’s upset victory in the primary last year fade and other, less-splashy entrants to the House start making waves there’ll be more coverage of them.

    1. Just a couple of points, none of them roasting anyone for anything: First, intraparty squabbling is a potent weapon, and there are well-organized forces out there that gain when disagreements turn into full-force flame wars. Focusing on what the nitwits are saying is a good way to turn a squabble into a needless firefight.

      Second, whenever possible, get to the actual quote behind the caricature comment. The nonsense about government confiscating cows or ending air travel is just that: nonsense. Go behind the nonsense and see what the person said, not the wild-eyed alarmism pushed by Free Republic, echoed by Red State, amplified by Fox, until it’s picked up by reputable media outlets because it’s “out there.” In a world where every conservative chucklehead gets to explain what Trump “really meant” with one or another of his demented rantings, there should be plenty of room to say, “That’s not what AOC (or whoever is being intentionally misquoted) said.”

    2. “why you are suddenly treating the ravings of the Freepers you’ve been rightly deriding for years as informed commentary.”

      It’s not “informed commentary”, It’s debunking the right-wing-is-scared-of-her trope.
      Not only are the Freeperati not scared, they’re rubbing their hands together in glee.

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