Bonus “Obsession” – Scarborough Unfaire!

You good people get an additional mini-“Obsession” this week – a little coda to the what right-wing terrorist I have no idea what you’re talking about” thingy :

Scarborough: ‘I Know’ Trump Undisturbed By Guardsman’s Planned Terror Killings
NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein

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After Morning Joe led today’s show with the report of the arrest of a Coast Guard officer accused of planning terror attacks against numerous liberal politicians and media figures, including Joe Scarborough, Scarborough said:

“I know he [President Trump] is not disturbed by the news reports. He sees that as a sign of strength, and a sign of passionate support.”

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And speaking of passionate support….
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Joe the Mind Reader “knows” President Trump not disturbed by Coast Guardsman’s planned attacks.

…because we all know how restrained Twitler is in voicing his concerns to his fanboys…

Scarborough also possibly suggests Trump not disturbed by mass murder at Pittsburgh synagogue.

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Of course, you can always count on the Freeperati to do a sophisticated analysis of why The Darnold hasn’t said jack or shit about his Coast Guard protege’ :

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I know Scarborough dreams about 6 year old boys sleeping with him.

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Well played, sir!

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Hey Joe!They caught him because they’re allowed to track white suspects.

They’re prohibited from tracking local Islamic Terrorists, because that would be ‘profiling’!

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And lastly, in the “sexual proclivity projection” department :

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It’s pretty obvious that Joe has a major man-crush on The Donald.

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Adrastos will be back at his regularly scheduled bat-time soonest!