Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – The Oddfather edition

First up – take the MAGA – leave the cannolli !

Alleged mob boss killer Anthony Comello scrawls ‘MAGA Forever’ on his hand Advanced Media ^ | March 18, 2019

Posted on 3/18/2019, 4:10:03 PM by SMGFan

Anthony Comello, the 24-year-old arrested in New Jersey Saturday for allegedly gunning down a mob boss in Staten Island last week, will return to New York to face the murder charge against him. Comello waived his extradition rights Monday during a hearing in Ocean County Superior Court before Judge Wendel Daniels. He is expected to appear in court in Staten Island next Monday, March 25.

“He willingly, knowingly and voluntarily returns to New York to face these charges,” Brian Neary, a New Jersey attorney representing Comello Monday, told reporters after the hearing. He described Comello, who said only “yes, sir” during the hearing, as “resolute.”

In the courtroom, Comello held his open handcuffed palm up to reporters, showing a symbol and several words scrawled in pen. “MAGA forever” and “united we stand” were some of the phrases he had printed, while others were not entirely legible.


he will not die of old age.
1 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:10:03 PM by SMGFan
To: SMGFan 

I imagine that most ‘mob’ guys are in a sense pro America.


Don’t know if that will help this guy.

10 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:34:24 PM by A strike (Import third world become third world)

The five stages of Freep :
Denial :
To: SMGFan


Notice no pics, just a “journalist “ that says it’s so.

14 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:50:12 PM by Maskot (Put every dem/lib in prison…like yesterday!!!)

Anger :
To: SMGFan
By 2020, Trump will have been blamed for every single thing wrong in this world.I mean every single item… everything.

7 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:21:18 PM by AAABEST (NY/DC/LA media/political industrial complex DELENDA EST)
Bargaining :
To: Revel


This just in!

Police also found bleach and a rope at the crime scene.

Jussie Smollett was not available for comment.

3 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:14:43 PM by Responsibility2nd

Depression :
To: All


My inner WFB is saying, “well then, I suppose we should surrender to communism here and now, rather than taking even a chance on being associated, in any minor way, with this act of lawlessness by a young man barely out of his teens that we never met. I would say pack up western civilization, put it in storage, until perhaps these matters can be resolved to the satisfaction of everyone concerned.”

20 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:13:28 PM by Peter ODonnell (Take the next train to Marxville and I’ll meet you at the camp)

Acceptance :
To: SMGFan


Not surprising, I remember that someone in the Gambino Family stated that the Clintons are trash. On my former twitter account, I followed Angel Ghotti, who is John Ghotti’s daughter. She is very Pro-USA, Pro-Trump and strongly Prolife. Wow she is out there defending Trump against those who are against him, and she nails those who support murder of the unborn. She has a son who is serving in the military.

I guess some Mafia members are very patriotic. =)

23 posted on 3/18/2019, 6:13:49 PM by Patriot Babe

And, of course, the post of the thread!
To: SMGFan


Make A Gangster Angry 

21 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:18:55 PM by moovova

Ba Dum Tss.
More below the fold :

Next – Who Q ?
New Zealand shooter, QAnon fans get their radicalization from the exact same place
DailyDot ^ | Mike Rothschild
Posted on 3/18/2019, 4:55:58 PM by MNDude
even though there’s no evidence that the shooter is a Q believer, the radical anti-immigrant rhetoric of the shooter matches up perfectly with the fascistic beliefs of QAnon. For one thing, the manifesto is strikingly similar to the recently published QAnon book in its tone and style, as both are full of long rambling digressions and personal grievances, often backed up by Wikipedia citations.
QAnon is part of this radicalization, with its believers espousing end-of-the-world fantasies about shooting looters, hanging the Clintons, and scooping up their enemies in ad hoc trials. All the while, Twitter and Facebook allow it to continue with little moderation. And several times these fantasies have spilled into real-life, in the form of murder, arson, and police standoffs. Ultimately, the major tech companies could prevent another Christchurch by removing, banning, or deplatforming many of the worst offenders spreading the messages and incitements to violence racist violence. This includes the QAnon conspiracy. And that could be the biggest reason of all that Q believers want so badly to latch on to this horrific crime. Some of them want to get away with it too.
1 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:55:58 PM by MNDude
To: MNDude


Maybe Brenton Tarrant is Qanon …

3 posted on 3/18/2019, 4:59:18 PM by Star Traveler (Remember to keep the Messiah of Israel in the One-World Government that we look forward to coming)

Trust the plan.
I wonder what’s keeping the Qberts?
To: MNDude


I see that you have no problem printing crap and lies as long as it fits your narrative. You also know the rules about where you can post this kind of crap. But that does not matter to you. Typical deceiving Liberal.

6 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:05:21 PM by Revel

Right on time.
To: Revel


What lies and crap is that.

Dont you want to know what the left believes should be done with differing view points?

8 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:07:12 PM by MNDude (WWG1WGAalso)

And it’s on like Donkey Kong!
To: MNDude


You also seem to have great love for the Rothschild’s. So aren’t you in the wrong place?

That is right people. This article is by the America hating Mike Rothschild. Don’t miss that fact.

9 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:09:07 PM by Revel

Maybe you should speak in Q code and make it clear to us?
To: MNDude


Q is a fantasy-sharing knitting circle for idiots.

It is confined to its own sewer on FR for a reason.

That said, blaming Q Tards for this Australian maniac’s crime is a stretch.

21 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:25:08 PM by Dagnabitt (MAGA meant more third world invaders than Obama?????)

To: All
QOr no Q?

That is the Question

Beep beep

beep beep

the horn went beep, beep, beep.

25 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:36:58 PM by JonPreston (If you think we’re treated badly now wait untill we’re disarmed.)
Nice try, but a bit too coherent for a Q “drop”.
To: JonPreston


has a very large mustache.


28 posted on 3/18/2019, 5:47:56 PM by tsomer (sk)

That’s better.
Wait a minute while I decode that one :
To: zaxtres


Big Secret Event Coming Soon!

– said every cult ever.

31 posted on 3/18/2019, 6:04:58 PM by Dagnabitt (Be kind to Q tards. Most of them will eventually snap out of it.)

“dagnabitt” isn’t getting any respect from the Qberts :
To: Dagnabitt


Oh lookie another disguised libtard and yet the fingers are still free to tap tap tap away.

43 posted on 3/19/2019, 9:06:19 AM by zaxtres

To: zaxtres


There there little princess snowflake, dab your tears. Those mean people who say that Q isn’t true – they don’t know the Secret Truth like you do.

Someday, not today, and obviously not in the past… but someday, all the Q things will come true. Really they will.

44 posted on 3/19/2019, 12:52:10 PM by Dagnabitt (Be kind to Q tards. Most of them will eventually snap out of it.)

Or not….
Lastly, it’s – judging Jeanine!
IT’S HAPPENING: Fox News Pulls Judge Jeanine Off The Air ^ | 3/16/2019 | patrick howley
Posted on 3/16/2019, 11:00:44 PM by bitt

The Murdoch-owned Fox News network has decided to shelve Judge Jeanine Pirro’s television show this week, after Pirro questioned Islam’s compatibility with the U.S. Constitution in a segment on Democrat congresswoman Ilhan Omar, an avowed anti-Semite.

Variety reports: “Fox News Channel replaced tonight’s broadcast of Jeanine Pirro’s weekly program with a repeat episode of its documentary series “Scandalous,” just days after the 21st Century Fox-owned cable-news network said it condemned remarks the outspoken host made about Minnesota Democrat Ihan Omar.”

Fox News did not choose to provide an explanation to Variety for their report.

This should tell you everything you need to know about the Fox News corporation

We watched as Fox News has blatantly lied about our reporting. We watched Shep Smith go to the Left of Hugo Chavez. We listened to hours of garbage pointless manipulated talking points from anti-Trump former colonels and many other grifters who shill their books. But it’s time to wake up to what Fox News is doing. They are not on the American people’s side. (READ: If Neocon Fox News Dares To Mess With Tucker, They Will Be Declaring War Against America First).

1 posted on 3/16/2019, 11:00:44 PM by bitt

Uh oh.
To: bitt


Read about it earlier, and pulled FOX off our air.

3 posted on 3/16/2019, 11:02:45 PM by rockinqsranch (Dems, Libs, Socialists call ’em what you will they all have fairies livin’ in their trees.)

How exactly did you do that?
Did you go outside and rip the cable box off the side of your house?
Did you find some way to delete basic cable from your account?
To: bitt
Judge Jeanine has courage and moral certaingy that exceeds much of the GOP leadership.

You’re certaingy-ly entitled to your opinion.

One hopes that she stays strong and does not apologize to Fox or viewers for her analysis.

9 posted on 3/16/2019, 11:11:19 PM by Seaplaner (Never give in-never, never,never…except to convictions of honour and good sense. Winston Churchill)

Everybody stay calm…
To: bitt



16 posted on 3/16/2019, 11:13:45 PM by RollingThunder

OK – everybody ELSE stay calm….
To: RollingThunder




71 posted on 3/17/2019, 1:12:38 AM by Celtic Conservative (My cats are more amusing than 200 channels worth of TV)

To: bitt


Murdoch must be proud of his two quasi-faggot beta cucks and their liberal wives who run the network.

48 posted on 3/16/2019, 11:56:15 PM by libh8er

Oh dear.
To: bitt


Not surprising. Fox is muslim apologist. So long Fox. If I wanted to hear muslim apologists I could watch CNN. Now you are in the same boat. Your ship is going down. Viewers will leave and watch Netflix.

54 posted on 3/17/2019, 12:03:54 AM by taxesareforever (Islam is an ideology. It is NOT a religion.)

Cool! Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj is on right now!

To: conservative98


Judge Pirro can send me up the river with a paddle anytime.

75 posted on 3/17/2019, 1:16:52 AM by Berlin_Freeper

Hey – keep it clean.
To: bankwalker


I did years ago. if I wanna watch a movie, I just stream it off the net. HUGE waste of money cable TV is… and 85% tells me things I dont wanna hear.

89 posted on 3/17/2019, 5:11:53 AM by sit-rep

Suck it up, snowflake.
Well, that’s it for this week – see you good people next Monday!

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