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Oh dear.  In spite of Orange Julius’s economic advisers (the ones he hasn’t fired yet, anyway) telling him that this was just about as good an idea as pissing on an electric fence…

There’s a new tariff in town!

June 10th, United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico
Real Donald Trump Twitter ^ | May 30, 2019

Posted on 5/30/2019, 6:50:28 PM by SMGFan

On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into our Country from Mexico, until such time as illegal migrants coming through Mexico, and into our Country, STOP. The Tariff will gradually increase until the Illegal Immigration problem is remedied,..

….at which time the Tariffs will be removed. Details from the White House to follow.


1 posted on 5/30/2019, 6:50:28 PM by SMGFan
To: SMGFan



The screaming starts in…3, 2, 1…

4 posted on 5/30/2019, 6:52:27 PM by Regulator

Oh, I don’t think you’re going to have to wait that long…
To: SMGFan 

market down right now on the news.

Yeah – just a tad.


I have started closing positions at the end of the day because these tweets just really roil it.

9 posted on 5/30/2019, 6:55:11 PM by RummyChick

Do they, now?

To: SMGFan


I think he is getting a little wild with tariffs. He is going to shock the economy. Too much too fast never goes well.

84 posted on 5/30/2019, 7:37:39 PM by Sequoyah101 (It feels like we have exchanged our dreams for survival. We just hava few days that don’t suck.)


(skipping about a hundred posts about how only avocados and tequila are going to get more expensive)

One Freeper points out the obvious.

To: MeganC


You do realize that Mexico actually won’t pay he tariffs, right? China doesn’t pay the tariffs either. The American businesses that import the goods actually pay the tariffs. That’s how a tariff works. It’s not like a Mexican truck full of avocados is now going to get charged a 5% tax at the border. The importer pays that when it gets delivered and hen they pass that on to the store and they pass that on to you.

92 posted on 5/30/2019, 7:44:17 PM by NELSON111 (Congress: The Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog show. Theater for sheep. My politics determines my “hero”)

So – how’s ya’ll’s 401Ks doing these days?
More below….

SO much winning!
Posted on 5/31/2019, 5:08:33 PM by ransomnote
At present the U.S. is involved in a protracted trade war with China that has yielded nothing in concessions from Beijing, cost U.S. companies and consumers billionsobliterated $5 trillion from the stock market, and is threatening to tip the economy into a recession. At the White House, Donald Trump has learned the lessons of this failed strategy and decided to…drag the U.S. into another unwinnable trade war, this time with one of our neighbors and largest trading partner.
Yes, Tariff Man announced Thursday night that starting June 10, he will impose a 5 percent tariff on allMexican imports, a levy that will “gradually increase” all the way to 25 percent until undocumented immigrants stop crossing the border. Tariffs, of course, are usually used to counter trade violations as opposed to being a blunt instrument to deal with border security, but reason and logic have no place in this administration. If they did, someone would have likely been able to get it through Trump’s head that this move will badly damage the U.S. interests, a point that has thus far eluded him.
1 posted on 5/31/2019, 5:08:33 PM by ransomnote
To: ransomnote
I hate to say it, but they may be right.



I’m afraid that everything President Trump accomplishes will be washed down the drain the next time a liberal is elected.

All of his hard work and great leadership will be erased.

I hate liberals.

4 posted on 5/31/2019, 5:11:29 PM by A Cyrenian (Send everyone back to their states and let the states pay for their congress electives.)

Cue the misogyny squad!
To: ransomnote


Vanity Fair, like we get our news from a lady’s magazine.

62 posted on 5/31/2019, 6:54:31 PM by CodeToad ( Hating on Trump is hating on me and Americans!.)

To: SaveFerris


She will die alone, unloved, in a crappy Section-8 apartment, many miserable years from now, and her cat collection will try to feed on her corpse, but it will prove too bitter, and they, too, will die.

75 posted on 5/31/2019, 7:41:14 PM by Sirius Lee (“Individual liberty and freedom are not outmoded concepts.”)

They never disappoint, do they?
Meanwhile – I thought he was on our side!!

Trump Celebrates LGBT Pride Month, Urges World to Decriminalize Homosexuality Breitbart ^ | 31 May 2019 | Joel B. Pollack Posted on 5/31/2019, 10:33:17 PM by KC_Lion

LGBTs for Trump (Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

President Donald Trump tweeted Friday in celebration of LGBT Pride Month, which begins in June, and repeated his administration’s call for the international community to decriminalize homosexuality in countries where it is illegal.

Trump has frequently been attacked by LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) activists on the left, particularly for his administration’s policies on transgenderism.

Trump has barred transgender individuals from serving in the military, and reversed Barack Obama’s policies encouraging public schools to provide for transgender bathrooms. His administration also recently insisted on sticking to a definition of sexual discrimination that refers to biological sex.

More broadly, however, President Trump has championed gay rights at home and abroad.

On the campaign trail in 2016, he was proud of his support from the LGBT community, emerging onstage at a rally in Colorado bearing a Pride flag with the words, “LGBT for Trump.”

1 posted on 5/31/2019, 10:33:17 PM by KC_Lion
To: KC_Lion


I don’t agree with this, but I do know that Trump is virtually an Independent who’s not beholden to any wing or faction of the GOP. We knew who he is when we voted for him.
So I’ll just grit my teeth here.

7 posted on 5/31/2019, 10:46:03 PM by Extremely Extreme Extremist (Isn’t it funny that the very people who scream “My body, my choice” wants a say in your healthcare?)

You shore got a purty mouth.
To: TheWriterTX 

God’s standard is not “consenting adults”.


Anyone fighting God on this matter, even Trump, is inviting bad consequences.

8 posted on 5/31/2019, 10:46:04 PM by Olog-hai (“No Republican, no matter how liberal, is going to woo a Democratic vote.” — Ronald Reagan, 1960)

To: KC_Lion


I’m sorry but this time Trump is world class stupid, like “Jews for Hitler” kind of dumb …

19 posted on 5/31/2019, 11:09:05 PM by SecondAmendment (This just proves my latest theory … LEFTISTS RUIN EVERYTHING!)

Yeah – “LBGT for trump” IS a lot like “Jews For Hitler”.
To: KC_Lion


A huge disappointment Mr President…….very big.

24 posted on 5/31/2019, 11:27:05 PM by Midwesterner53

Are we back to talking about how The Darnold trashes the economy via Twitter?
To: TianaHighrider


I believe what the bible says,they should be put to death.

35 posted on 6/1/2019, 12:19:58 AM by ravenwolf


To: SecondAmendment


I looked at pix from the Fulsom street parade and decided that all we need do is wait for the finger of God.

46 posted on 6/1/2019, 2:19:40 AM by combat_boots (God bless Israel and all who protect and defend her! Merry Christmas! In God We Trust!)

Wait no longer!
And now – the post of the thread!
To: KC_Lion


Trump recognizes the huge personal benefit he has enjoyed owing to the decriminalization of adultery and other fornication. Those relatively recent changes have had a huge effect on our society.

84 posted on 6/1/2019, 11:48:37 AM by Burkean (.)

Next – Trump’s BFF shoots the messenger!
North Korea executed envoy to US and officials after failed Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi
South China Morning Post ^ | 05/31/2019
Posted on 5/30/2019, 9:51:53 PM by SeekAndFind

North Korea executed Kim Hyok-chol, its special envoy to the United States, and foreign ministry officials who carried out working-level negotiations for the second US-North Korea summit in February, holding them responsible for its collapse, a South Korean newspaper reported on Friday.

Kim Yong-chol, a senior official who had been US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s counterpart in the run-up to the summit between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Hanoi, is also said to have been subjected to forced labour and ideological education, the Chosun Ilbo reported.

The North Korean leader is believed to be carrying out a massive purge to divert attention away from internal turmoil and discontent, the newspaper said.

“Kim Hyok-chol was investigated and executed at Mirim Airport with four foreign ministry officials in March,” an unnamed North Korea source said, according to the Chosun Ilbo, adding that they were charged with spying for the United States.

Kim Hyok-chol had been the negotiations counterpart to US special representative for North Korea Stephen Biegun before the summit.

Kim Yong-chol was forced to work in Jagang Province after his dismissal, the source said, adding that Kim Song-hye, who carried out working-level negotiations with Kim Hyok-chol, was sent to a political prison camp, Chosun reported.

1 posted on 5/30/2019, 9:51:53 PM by SeekAndFind

Some Freeperati think this is horrible :
To: Destroyer Sailor


They emulate China so much I wonder if they charge his family for the cost of the bullet.

11 posted on 5/30/2019, 10:02:53 PM by MikelTackNailer (NRT, NewRome Tacitus, just don’t call me late to dinner.)

Some Freeperati think it is really really cool !
The democrats should execute Mueller for wasting their time
17 posted on 5/30/2019, 10:20:06 PM by atc23
To: SeekAndFind


Time for Trump to stop trying to reason with Kim. He’s not going to join the free world.

30 posted on 5/30/2019, 11:32:32 PM by Rennes Templar (Heaven has a wall and gates. Hell has open borders.)

To: SeekAndFind


Will this be the end of Trump’s praises, compliments and positive attitude toward Kim Jung Un?

44 posted on 5/31/2019, 5:43:35 AM by nuconvert ( Khomeini promised change too // Hail, Chairman O)

And last of all – Moore or less ! (composite thread)
Roy Moore ‘seriously considering’ another Senate bid after 2017 failure
Washington Examiner ^ | 03-09-19 | Daniel Jativa
Posted on 3/9/2019, 9:34:10 AM by Monrose72

Roy Moore said he is “seriously considering” a 2020 rematch against the current incumbent Alabama senator. The fiery and controversial candidate, who became the first Republican to lose a U.S. Senate race in Alabama in 21 years for his defeat by now-Sen. Doug Jones, a Democrat, says that he is open to the idea of running for the GOP’s nomination again. “I’m seriously considering it. I think that was stolen,” Moore said of the race during a Friday interview.

1 posted on 3/9/2019, 9:34:10 AM by Monrose72

To: Monrose72


Roy….Hang it up. When you pulled out a gun at a rally…that was the end of any consideration of you as a winner.

2 posted on 3/9/2019, 9:35:53 AM by Sacajaweau

Are you gonna let this guy talk that way about your hero?
To: Sacajaweau


So you’re still buying whatever the fakestream presstitutes are selling?

Some people never learn.

4 posted on 3/9/2019, 9:38:09 AM by E. Pluribus Unum (Capitalism produces EVERYTHING Socialists/Communists/Democratic-Socialists wish to “redistribute.”)

That’s tellin’ him!
To: House Atreides


Mitch McConnell spent $30 million to smear and defeat Judge Roy, and he went to court against his accuser, a put up job just like they did to Herman Cain and Judge Kav.

When will you dumb GOP jackasses learn this is how the game is played against Conservatives who they can’t buy off.

McTurdle McConnell doesn’t want anti Turdle guys, he wants to Rino his way until retirement.

12 posted on 4/16/2019, 5:23:46 PM by Zenjitsuman ( p)

Most of the Freeperati, however :
To: Monrose72


NO. This guy is a slimy scumbag. I was suspended for trashing this guy during the election.

Ban me please for calling this disgusting scumbag a disgusting scumbag.

7 posted on 3/9/2019, 9:42:31 AM by Tea Party Terrorist (A bad peace is better than a good war.)

To: Monrose72


Just stop. Can’t we get this guy a dog catcher job somewhere?

8 posted on 3/9/2019, 9:42:40 AM by Vermont Lt (If we get Medicare for all, will we have to show IDs for service? Why?)

To: Monrose72


Great thinking Roy, just screw everyone for your ego project.

You’re a loser, you lost. Now scram. Or just hand the seat over to the Democrats permanently.

29 posted on 3/9/2019, 10:05:29 AM by bigbob (Trust Trump. Trust the Plan.)

We haven’t had a Derp State post in a while :
To: boycott


It’s as if Roy Moore is a Rat plant.

52 posted on 3/9/2019, 10:33:08 AM by dfwgator (Endut! Hoch Hech!)

And once Moore – the post of the thread !
To: lodi90
OK — let’s go beyond that. I’m saying I would have voted for Roy Moore even if there was irrefutable evidence that he was a rapist.If he wasn’t a rapist, I’d vote for him on principle.

If he WAS a rapist, I’d vote for him because the U.S. Senate would be the perfect place for a guy like that.

50 posted on 3/9/2019, 10:31:23 AM by Alberta’s Child (“In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey.”)
See you good people next Monday morning.

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  1. Recycle that bumper-sticker:

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    The classics never get old.

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