Text Me Text Me, Why Don’t You Arrest Me?

You’ve surely noticed my new Fog Of Scandal meme image; if not, you need an eye exam. It’s the flags of Ukraine and Russia side-by-side. It strikes me as fitting since the Ukrainian and Russian scandals have converged and become a two-headed monster. Holy Polycephaly, Batman.

The release of the Volker texts has shifted the Ukraine-Russia scandal into hyperdrive. The contents of the texts are, at times, inadvertently hilarious. As if to prove they’re bad actors, they’re over-reliant on Satan’s punctuation: the exclamation point. Ain’t nothing more sinister than an overabundance of them.

The MSM is focusing on the Biden aspect of the scandal and that’s important. BUT I agree with Josh Marshall who posted this earlier this morning:

It’s hard to keep track of the gross abuse of power. But here’s the critical thing to keep an eye on through this. We know about election interference of targeting the Biden’s. What was even clearer in those texts is demand that Ukraine “get to the bottom of” collusion between the DNC and Ukraine in the 2016 election. That is code for the conspiracy theory that Russia was framed for the DNC hack and actually didn’t interfere in the 2016 election at all. The “real collusion” was between Ukraine and the Democrats. The big aim here – right in front of our faces, right in the texts and transcripts – is to clear Russia of the crime.

One of the theories expounded in Crazy Rudy’s Daffy Dossier is that the DNC hack was done by Seth Rich. He was the young DNC employee who was murdered in a street crime, but many wingnuts claim that he was killed on the orders of the Email Lady. That’s right, it’s a rehashing of the Vince Foster conspiracy theory. It’s equally baseless and Rich’s family has been tormented in the same manner as the Foster family. It’s even worse now because of bots and social media trolls.

The Volker testimony shows why Porky Pig Pompeo does not want to co-operate with the impeachment inquiry. He’s got a lot to hide. It’s time to place him in the impeachment queue along with the Insult Comedian and Barr.

The post title is a paraphrase of a Robert Hunter lyric from Bertha, which is one of my favorite Grateful Dead songs. They get the last word:

One more version since I gave the late Robert Hunter a shout-out. Jerry butchers/forgets some of the lyrics. The audience helps: