Don’t Touch Me There

I’m not sure what Duke, Lester Hodges, and the gang would think of today’s selection but I like it. It’s downright tubular, dude.

Don’t Touch Me There was written by Ron Nagle and Jane Dornacker and recorded by The Tubes for their 1976 album Young and Rich. I knew Jane. She was a funny chick who was also the leader of the SF rock band, Leila and the Snakes. I was not one of the Snakes…

The song was a staple of The Tubes live shows; typically sung by Fee Waybill and Re Styles as they canoodled on a motorcycle. It was often performed in a medley with Mondo Bondage with Fee and Re ripping off their outfits to reveal bondage gear below. Don’t try this at home or let the kiddies watch the second part.

We have two versions of Don’t Touch Me There: the studio original and a live version of the medley. The video on the latter is sketchy.


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