This Isn’t Happening For You

If I see one more stupid meme about how this is happening so we can remake the world in a kinder, gentler image, I am going to put my fist through something.

(Yes, I’m out of the denial stage and squarely into anger. I like it here, and I think I’ll stay a good while.)

Just fucking STOP IT  with the “maybe when this is all over we will appreciate one another more” and “this will turn America back to God” and “maybe we need to think harder about how much we value socializing with our friends” and all that crap. Stop it.

Hundreds of people are not dying in New York hospitals and being buried in the park so that you can paint “live, love, laugh” just a little bigger on your dining room wall.

Christ, this is the most repulsive part of a disaster, this whole “it happened so that I, living miles away in my comfortable life, will consider the world outside myself.” It drove me absolutely apeshit after 9/11 (the hijackers were not considering how to make you love going to the mall) and it is driving me bonkers now.

There are several species of this, of course, the mom-fluencer using this crisis to launch her line of bespoke beaded masks being the easiest target. But let’s not be sexist. Let’s also consider The Pandemic Is Good For The Environment Bro. He’s out here posting pictures of coyotes and shit with “humanity is a virus” all over them in a stupid Italian-restaurant-menu font.

Nobody is slowly suffocating in a nursing home so that you can hear the robins sing more clearly. Do you LISTEN to yourself? I’m glad you’d walk over your mother in golf spikes to reduce pollution on a NOAA chart, Brandon, but I don’t see you volunteering to die in order to rid the world of the carbon dioxide you exhale.

Just once I’d like some of these people to elucidate for us exactly how many nurses and ER docs they think should expire so that they can learn to be better human beings.

Oh, am I being too mean? Look. If we are going to clown on Pat Robertson for saying that this is happening to teach the oral-sexin’ young’uns a lesson about I don’t even know what, then we cannot give a pass to your aunt who thinks this all happened to inspire her to crochet a blanket for the local firefighters. It’s the same goddamn self-centered horseshit. What you’re really saying is that you think you and the people you love won’t suffer under this and so it’s all an abstraction, to make you feel feelings, which you think is the highest purpose of anyone ever.

Just … stop it. This isn’t over yet. It doesn’t get to teach you anything until it’s over and then, you don’t get to pretend you were part of the French Resistance if all you did was watch the news. The people driving Amazon vans around are the ones who get a ticker tape parade when this is all over. You don’t deserve some sort of medal for deciding to care about your family more.

Like the FUCK is wrong with you, you didn’t before.


7 thoughts on “This Isn’t Happening For You

  1. F*cking THANK YOU. Sorry for the F but damn. Nailed it, Allison. Totally nailed this vague, ignorant undertone, and then there are those that would exploit during this time: a business, an agenda, personal beliefs…the disgust is real.

  2. Select a health care person, not a high paid one, select one at random, one that you do not know, and send them a thousand dollars to buy down their educational debt. And don’t wait around for a thank you.

  3. Whatever happens it isn’t going to be kinder and gentler. It’s going to be anarchy, to some degree. Now the environmental bro might be a principled anarchist but for every one of those will be many more times those who aren’t.

    Then too if things go really bad, which is the basis of these mumblings, the ‘government’ itself will fight the anarchy with methods that adhere to no law so are forms of anarchy as well.

    I will be very happy to be wrong about all this.

  4. Damn right. I mean, by itself NYC is experiencing a humanitarian crisis. 700 – 800 people dying PER DAY. And that’s probably under-counting. (For instance, not counting dead homeless people who went undiagnosed.) Hundreds and hundreds of people dying EVERY DAY in America’s greatest city. How can anyone react to that with anything other than horror?

  5. Until those who are risking their lives to help keep society functional, such as grocery clerks, front line medical personel ( Not corporate drone management) mail people, teachers, transit workers etc, have a greater income stream then the leeches at Goldman Sachs or board members/ management of incompetently led companies such as Sears or self entitled twits such as demented donnies misbegotten spawn there will not be a better worls.
    Wait for as soon as crisis is passed and nurses ask for pay raises, if only as reimbursement for PPS’s/ cleaning supplies they bought out of pocket, or grocry clerks ask for a living wage the same cowardly leeches who are hiding will bemoan how that can’t happen because their work is “to easy” and the taxes would cut into their funds needed for 4th homes or private planes or just limit their greed.

  6. If anyone gains “perspective” from this crisis, or any other crisis, then they didn’t have perspective to begin with. We’re not “all in this together”. Far from it. The well-to-do are in their mansions, getting on Zoom and talking about how “difficult” all of this has been to them, while the rest of us are doing all we can not to contract the virus, looking for ways to protect ourselves, and worrying about others who are at risk.

    This post gets my full agreement. If Amanda’s post gets people triggered about how she should not think like this, then that’s a “you” problem for them.

    Some of us are tired of the bullshit from people who have no clue or idea how the rest of us are feeling.

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