Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Three course squeal edition

Wow – so much stupid, so little time! The Freeperati’s little bubble world is crumbling all around them, and it’s quite the banquet of schadenfreude, so let’s start with a little appetizer – “How did they blow this one??”

Democrat-backed candidate wins Wisconsin Supreme Court race
The Hill ^ | 4/13/20 | Tal Axelrod

Posted on 4/13/2020, 7:32:16 PM by DoodleDawg

Dane County Circuit Judge Jill Karofsky unseated Justice Daniel Kelly in a hotly contested race last week that drew national attention from both major political parties, according to Monday evening reports.

The Wisconsin primary took place on April 7 despite health fears from the coronavirus pandemic, which led to a surge in absentee ballots that delayed the results for about a week.

While the race was technically nonpartisan, Karofsky drew support from national Democrats, while the GOP fell in line behind Kelly, who was appointed to the court in 2016 to fill a vacancy and was running for his first full term


Kelly has apparently conceded. Drops the conservative majority down to 4 seats to 3.

1 posted on 4/13/2020, 7:32:16 PM by DoodleDawg

We seldom get the thread title post so soon, but here we go :
To: DoodleDawg
how did they blow this one?
2 posted on 4/13/2020, 7:34:03 PM by bjcoop
Um – more people voted for Karofsky?  Just a hunch.

To: DoodleDawg

Is this a sign of things to come?

I’m thinking “yes”.

Seems we keep losing races!

Noticed that, did you?

Sad and damn!! The rats are on a tear!

6 posted on 4/13/2020, 7:35:56 PM by RoseofTexas

Actually, the tears I’m seeing aren’t coming from Democrats.
To: CondorFlight

Well, you get what you vote for (and deserve it…)

Good and Hard.

10 posted on 4/13/2020, 7:36:52 PM by dfwgator (Endut! Hoch Hech!)
To: DoodleDawg


Could it be something as simple as more Democrats voted on April 7 than Republicans because there was a contested presidential primary on the Dem side?

21 posted on 4/13/2020, 8:03:42 PM by Dr. Sivana (There is no salvation in politics)


To: Dr. Sivana

Could it be something as simple as more Democrats voted on April 7 than Republicans because there was a contested presidential primary on the Dem side?

Was it really that contested? Biden has basically had it wrapped up since last month. A Supreme Court seat, on the other hand, would be something people would turn out for.

23 posted on 4/13/2020, 8:05:18 PM by DoodleDawg
Of course, there’s a shit ton of the usual “The old mail-in ballot victory” posts, but that’s kinda as-read.

The whole thread boils down to this one post :

To: DoodleDawg; Impy; BillyBoy; LS; NFHale; GOPsterinMA; campaignPete R-CT; AuH2ORepublican; …


Whut the **** ?!?!

26 posted on 4/13/2020, 8:09:06 PM by fieldmarshaldj (Dear Mr. Kotter, #Epsteindidntkillhimself – Signed, Epstein’s Mother)

And that was just the appetizer – the good stuff is located at the “Continue reading”, so fer chrissakes, continue reading!

Next up – Slay At Home!!

Coronavirus: 2,500 protesters rally against Washington stay-at-home orders KIRO ^ | Updated: April 19, 2020 – 5:14 PM | : KIRO 7 News Staff Posted on 4/19/2020, 9:24:36 PM by TaxPayer2000SEATTLE — Thousands of people gathered at the Washington state Capitol to protest Gov. Jay Inslee’s stay-at-home order designed to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

In Olympia on Sunday, some protesters wore masks, while others waved American flags.

The Washington State Patrol said an estimated 2,500 people showed up to the protest. No arrests were made.

Tyler Miller, one of the organizers of the event, had said rural areas should be treated differently than more urban locations with more coronavirus cases.

Earlier Sunday, Inslee decried President Donald Trump’s call to “liberate” parts of the country from social-distancing decrees, saying Trump is fomenting a potentially deadly “insubordination” before the pandemic is contained.

The latest statewide death toll as reported by the Department of Health had reached 634 deaths among 11,790 confirmed coronavirus cases as of 11:59 p.m. Saturday.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the counties with the highest totals: King County has 346 deaths among 5,135 cases; Snohomish County has 94 deaths among 2,101 cases; and Pierce County has 32 deaths among 1,109 cases.

Click here to see where other counties in the state stand.

1 posted on 4/19/2020, 9:24:36 PM by TaxPayer2000
You know – even a blind squirrel finds an occasional acorn :
To: TaxPayer2000

How many of the 2500 were infected when they went to protest, how many will be infected in five to ten days?

2 posted on 4/19/2020, 9:28:47 PM by Meatspace

To: Meatspace
And what is the Dollar amount
You place on

Each Death?

5 posted on 4/19/2020, 9:31:52 PM by Big Red Badger (He Hath Not Given Us A Spirit Of Fear)

Everything has a price, amirite?
To: Big Red Badger
What does a week to ten days in a hospital cost?

How much of that cost will be paid by the taxpayers?

7 posted on 4/19/2020, 9:33:55 PM by Meatspace

He seems nice.
And, on the subject of the Governors requiring common-sense efforts to mitigate infection transmission :
To: caww
They know exactly what they are doing.

It’s called Tyranny.

28 posted on 4/19/2020, 10:07:19 PM by castlebrew (Gun Control means hitting where you’re aiming!))


To: TaxPayer2000

Get tough or die.

36 posted on 4/19/2020, 10:25:35 PM by HighSierra5

Hmmm….let’s see… about – BOTH?
Time for the second course – Burr under their saddle!

Republican-Led Review Backs Intelligence Findings on Russian Interference (BARF) nytimes ^ | 4/21/2020 | Nicholas Fandos and Julian E. Barnes Posted on 4/21/2020, 11:19:41 PM by bittA new Senate report undercuts claims by President Trump and his allies that Obama-era officials sought to undermine him while investigating Russia’s 2016 election meddling.

For years, President Trump has derided the assessment by American intelligence officials that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election to assist his candidacy, dismissing it without evidence as the work of a “deep state” out to undermine his victory.

But on Tuesday, a long-awaited Senate review led by members of Mr. Trump’s own party effectively undercut those allegations. A three-year review by the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee unanimously found that the intelligence community assessment, pinning blame on Russia and outlining its goals to undercut American democracy, was fundamentally sound and untainted by politics.

1 posted on 4/21/2020, 11:19:41 PM by bitt
To: Whenifhow; null and void; aragorn; EnigmaticAnomaly; kalee; Kale; AZ .44 MAG; Baynative; bgill; …


2 posted on 4/21/2020, 11:20:18 PM by bitt (Hell hath no fury like a scorned patriot.)

(Burr not included in some states)
To: bitt
Burr and Warner in a CYA mode.

Maybe they will marry so they can’t be required to testify against each other.

15 posted on 4/22/2020, 6:12:06 AM by odawg

GOPgayMarriage (2)

And now – the main course!!
Trump suggests ‘injection’ of disinfectant to beat coronavirus and ‘clean’ the lungs
NBC News ^ | 4/23/2020 | Dartunorro Clark
Posted on 4/23/2020, 10:27:25 PM by Beave MeisterPresident Donald Trump suggested the possibility of an “injection” of disinfectant into a person infected with the coronavirus as a deterrent to the virus during his daily briefing Thursday.Trump made the remark after Bill Bryan, who leads the Department of Homeland Security’s science and technology division, gave a presentation on research his team has conducted that shows that the virus doesn’t live as long in warmer and more humid temperatures. Bryan said, “The virus dies quickest in sunlight,” leaving Trump to wonder whether you could bring the light “inside the body.”

“So supposing we hit the body with a tremendous — whether it’s ultraviolet or just a very powerful light — and I think you said that hasn’t been checked because of the testing,” Trump said, speaking to Bryan during the briefing. “And then I said, supposing you brought the light inside the body, which you can do either through the skin or some other way, and I think you said you’re going to test that, too.”

He added: “I see the disinfectant that knocks it out in a minute, one minute. And is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside or almost a cleaning? As you see, it gets in the lungs, it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it would be interesting to check that.”

He didn’t specify the kind of disinfectant.

Medical professionals, including Dr. Vin Gupta, a pulmonologist, global health policy expert and an NBC News and MSNBC contributor. were quick to challenge the president’s “improper health messaging.”

1 posted on 4/23/2020, 10:27:25 PM by Beave Meister


To: Beave Meister

Yeah, he never said this at all.

7 posted on 4/23/2020, 10:34:01 PM by Beowulf9

That’s the first one!
TrumpSupporters (2)
To: Beave Meister

I think the President was sort of joking around. The media has broom sticks up their butts.

2 posted on 4/23/2020, 10:30:06 PM by madison10 (Wash your hands & say your prayers cause Jesus & germs are everywhere)

That’s the second one!
TrumpSupporters (2)
To: Beave Meister


They still don’t understand the concept of “trolling”.

4 posted on 4/23/2020, 10:31:15 PM by Dogbert41 (Jerusalem is the city of the Great King!!!)

That’s the third one!
TrumpSupporters (2)

To: Beave Meister

To be fair, I read somewhere that Teddy Roosevelt had 100 new ideas a day that he bounced off of people, two of which were actually any good.

46 posted on 4/24/2020, 7:57:45 AM by The Antiyuppie (When small men cast long shadows, then it is very late in the day.)

And we have the Final Fourth!!
TrumpSupporters (2)
And now an aperitif’ !
It’s only a wafer thin mint….

Trump bashes Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp again over opening state ^ | April 23, 2020 | By Bob Fredericks Posted on 4/23/2020, 10:26:58 PM by rintintinPresident Trump on Thursday ripped Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp for his plan to reopen many of his state’s businesses on Friday, declaring, “I am not happy about Brian Kemp.”

“I want the states to open more than he does. But I do not like at this early stage. I wasn’t happy with it, or with Brian Kemp,” Trump said of the Republican governor at the daily briefing of the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House.

The president initially supported Kemp’s move, but lashed out at him at Wednesday’s briefing over his reopening of such businesses as hair salons and tattoo parlors.

1 posted on 4/23/2020, 10:26:58 PM by rintintin

To: rintintin

Face palm.

Are you bloody kidding me?
Mister Trump is fast heading to a big defeat in November. 

He’s really gone and lost his mind.

6 posted on 4/23/2020, 10:35:30 PM by SmokingJoe

He ever had one to lose??
And last, but not least, at his rally on Monday, The Darnold will be making his declaration of a new MIRACLE CURE for the COVID-19 virus!
(since I can’t let Adrastos post all the music videos on this blog)
You heard it here first, folks.
Everyone stay safe, OK?

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  1. I’m kinda pissed off about this.

    Years, YEARS, I’ve been trying to get the Freepers to chug chlorine bleach to “own the libs”, after informing them that such chugging was BANNED because of Obamacare, plus TYRANNY!!one!.

    Did it work? Nah. But one brain-fart from MAGAt-head, and they’re ON it.

    Well, one can hope. Hey Freepers, if a dose of Clorox doesn’t solve your Karmavirus worries, follow it up with an ammonia chaser. The nation will thank you for your steadfast loyalty to conservative principles, you betcha.

  2. Thank you once more for your service, Tommy.

    Hope you wear your PPE in there.

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