Album Cover Art Wednesday: Hair

Hair is on my mind as well as on my head. I’ve done some self-trimming and Dr. A has taken a few whacks at the unruly curls that cluster at the back of my head but I haven’t had a haircut since before Carnival. I wish I could say that I had long luxurious locks, but I do not.

That brings me to this week’s album cover. Its full title is long as was the fashion in 1968: Hair- The American Tribal Love Rock Musical.

I used to have the original Broadway soundtrack album, but it got misplaced in one of my moves. I’m not sure that I’d play it very often in any event. There are some good songs but there’s a lot of filler. The cover, however, is a hairy classic:

I’m also fond of Milos Forman’s 1979 film version. Here’s the poster:

If you’re ready to let your hair down and let the sunshine in, here’s the album in the YouTube playlist format:


5 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Hair

  1. What?!? No mention of the Cowsills’ cover of the title tune?

  2. I was a teen in the sixties and one of the nicest things our parents ever did was to get my brother and me tickets to see Hair during its original Broadway run.

    I liked the Cowsills cover, although at the time the added “don’t ever have to cut it…” I didn’t care for. But then too after I learned they’d turned down what became “The Partridge Family” because the producers wanted them to replace their mom in the band, I admired their guts and loyalty.

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