Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – Darwin Award edition

Get those ISO suits on and crank up your oxygen supplies, chillen.

Freeperville has become The Andromeda Strain sequel.

Rep. Louie Gohmert tests positive for coronavirus
The Sun ^ | July 29 | Mollie Mansfield

Posted on 7/29/2020, 10:18:50 AM by RandFan

TEXAS Representative Louie Gohmert has tested positive for coronavirus just before he was set to accompany Donald Trump on Air Force 1.

The 66-year-old tested positive in a pre-screen at the White House on Wednesday.

The eighth-term Republican attended the House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday where Attorney General Bill Barr was quizzed by reps.

He was sat at the podium asking questions without wearing a face mask.

Gohmert previously told CNN that he was not wearing a covering as he was regularly being tested for the virus.

“[I]f I get it, you’ll never see me without a mask,” he said.


I wish Congressman Gohmert a speedy recovery. He looked fine the other day so could be asymptomatic like Rand Paul.He will be fine.

1 posted on 7/29/2020, 10:18:50 AM by RandFan
To: RandFan


No worries Dr Stella Emmanuel is right down the road with Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc + Zpak in hand.

3 posted on 7/29/2020, 10:20:59 AM by Jan_Sobieski (Sanctification)

To: RandFan


Strangely enough Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Maxine Waters, AOC, Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Brennan, Obama, Michael Obama, and the test of the treason crew all seem immune

9 posted on 7/29/2020, 10:23:15 AM by GrandJediMasterYoda (As long as Hillary Clinton remains free equal justice under the law will never exist in the USA)

Um – that’s because they’re not shit-stupid and take precautions, you brain-dead twatwaffle.

To: RandFan

Not sure why he attended the committee hearing after testing positive.

Let me venture a guess – there are more intelligent creatures lying on their backs at the bottom of ponds?

Seems irresponsible to me. Especially since his statements/questions to Barr were silly and worthless.

I usually like Gohmert, but I think he was wrong to attend the hearing.

13 posted on 7/29/2020, 10:25:28 AM by faucetman (Just the facts, ma’am, Just the facts)

Thinkest thou?
To: RandFan


Personally If I was a Republican and especially a Trump Supporting Republican I would be careful the other side isn’t sending in a Typhoid Mary to infect them… Dangerous game to play as it may backfire and infect the dems but there are always upsides to every downside…..

62 posted on 7/29/2020, 11:47:36 AM by lakeman (Semper Fi)

To: KC_Lion


How many well-known people will have to catch this bug and NOT die before people catch on to the scam?

38 posted on 7/29/2020, 10:37:23 AM by Buckeye McFrog (Patrick Henry would have been an anti-vaxxer)

Funny you should ask that.

Herman Cain is hospitalized with coronavirus ABC 7 WWSB ^ | July 2, 2020 | Ed Payne Posted on 7/2/2020, 1:41:11 PM by Coronal

ATLANTA (Gray News) – Former GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain is hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19.

The 74-year-old found out Monday that he had coronavirus and by Wednesday “had developed symptoms serious enough that he required hospitalization,” a statement on his Twitter account said.

“Mr. Cain did not require a respirator, and he is awake and alert.”

Cain, a cancer survivor, attended a highly publicized Trump political rally last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In photo posted to his Twitter account, he was shown not wearing a mask and not social distancing in the crowd of thousands.

1 posted on 7/2/2020, 1:41:11 PM by Coronal
Love your handle.
To: Coronal

. . . attended a highly publicized Trump political rally last month in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

here it comes.

4 posted on 7/2/2020, 1:43:28 PM by JohnBrowdie
Here it comes, indeed.  Click on “continue reading” to – well – you know….

Tots and pears rain down from Heaven (or is it up from Hell?) for Cain :
To: Joe Boucher


Prayers for you, Mr. Cain.

66 posted on 7/2/2020, 2:45:02 PM by Exit148

To: Coronal



67 posted on 7/2/2020, 2:45:23 PM by vpintheak (Live free, or die!)

To: Coronal


Father please watch over your servant Herman Cain. He is a good man and we need him. Please guide his doctors to the right treatment, if you can spare him we sure would be grateful.

63 posted on 7/2/2020, 2:39:49 PM by McGavin999 (Not one politician or journalist has died of Covid)

Of course, there’s always gotta be a killjoy…

To: lizma2

Im just gonna ask, how come he didnt wear a mask..


Same reason you bozos don’t wear one.




he is 74 years old and he survived cancer, Im just praying hard I told my Mom and she is praying too she didnt know who he was til she saw his pic(She is not good with names) damn just damn, praying that Herman will be OK

88 posted on 7/2/2020, 4:16:46 PM by Sarah Barracuda

Fortunately, it’s just a hoax.
For some reason, the flubros and flubras are pretty much absent from this thread.
To: Coronal


“Mr. Cain did not require a respirator, and he is awake and alert.”

Good, because being put on a respirator is pretty much a death sentence.

13 posted on 7/2/2020, 1:45:38 PM by Flick Lives (My work’s illegal, but at least it’s honest. – Capt. Malcolm Reynolds)

This earns a harsh rebuke from another Freeper :
To: Flick Lives


Stop with this nonsense — there was the breathless panic that 85% — its a load of horse crap, the most recent data published a couple weeks ago put the rate at 35% or so which is exactly in line with most ARDS conditions.

Sheesh, even chicken little would be ashamed.

29 posted on 7/2/2020, 1:53:18 PM by gas_dr (Trial lawyers AND POLITICIANS are Endangering Every Patient in America: INCLUDING THEIR LIBERTIES)

That’s telling him!
To: Coronal


Oh no! Precious Lord, heal this man back to full health…in Jesus name…….amen!

80 posted on 7/2/2020, 3:15:03 PM by Dawgreg


Herman Cain Has Died 7/30/20 Posted on 7/30/2020, 9:29:18 AM by DoodleDawg

Herman Cain has died from Covid.

1 posted on 7/30/2020, 9:29:18 AM by DoodleDawg
To: DoodleDawg



2 posted on 7/30/2020, 9:30:23 AM by jmacusa (If we’re all equal how is diversity our strength?)

One of those two….
To: DoodleDawg


Covid should be over. Cain and anyone over 65 should have quarantined months ago and then we should have allowed for accelerated spread. Now it’s our tar baby for years to come.

16 posted on 7/30/2020, 9:33:55 AM by freedomjusticeruleoflaw (Strange that a man with his wealth would have to resort to prostitution.)


To: DoodleDawg


Will you people wake UP???!!!!! “COVID is a hoax and will be gone by April and we will all be in church. We are the envy of the world.” My ass. Diamond and Silk? Any comment? Chairman of Blacks for Trump group now gone. My candidate in 2012. This. Is. Insane. And. Out. Of. Freaking. Control. And YES. Wear a damned mask.

21 posted on 7/30/2020, 9:35:06 AM by AmericanInTokyo

Leo Bloom: There, there.

Franz Liebkind: [crying] Where, where?


To: MarvinStinson


Was Mr. Cain given HCQ and Zinc as a treatment????

8 posted on 7/30/2020, 12:01:51 PM by chopperk

I’ll bet they forgot to treat for Demon Sperm!
To: MarvinStinson


One of the most insightful happenings during the presidential debates of 2016 that shows the character of President Trump was when, during the introductions, President Trump stood aside to allow Mr Cain access to the stage, as Jeb Bush rudely just walked right by Mr Cain….

10 posted on 7/30/2020, 12:04:23 PM by JBW1949 (I’m really PC…..Patriotically Correct)

To: JBW1949


That was Ben Carson.

11 posted on 7/30/2020, 12:06:17 PM by nhwingut (Tagline for lease…)

Because, of course, they all look alike.
Time to squeeze in an oldie – swatt them judges !!

Former Atomwaffen Division Leader Pleads Guilty to Swatting Conspiracy ^ | July 14, 2020 | U.S. Attorney’s Office Eastern District of Virginia

Posted on 7/14/2020, 8:24:21 PM by ransomnote

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – A former leader of the white supremacist group Atomwaffen Division pleaded guilty today to charges related to his role in a conspiracy that conducted multiple swatting events targeting journalists, a Virginia university, a historic Virginia church, and a former cabinet official.

According to court documents, John Cameron Denton, 26, of Montgomery, Texas, is a former leader of the Atomwaffen Division in Texas. From October 2018 to at least April 2019, Denton and several others conspired together to conduct “swatting” calls. Swatting is a harassment tactic that involves deceiving dispatchers into believing that a person or persons are in imminent danger of death or bodily harm and causing the dispatchers to send police and emergency services to an unwitting third party’s address.

“Swatting is a dangerous act with potentially tragic consequences,” said G. Zachary Terwilliger, U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. “Sending law enforcement and emergency responders rushing to an individual’s home, business, or place of worship, in an effort to target individuals because of their race or religious affiliation or simply to create chaos shows both criminal behavior and a complete disregard for public safety. This office is committed to locating and investigating individuals responsible for such threats, and when appropriate, will seek federal charges.”

According to court documents, Denton participated in a conspiracy that conducted three swatting calls that occurred here in the Eastern District of Virginia: a former Cabinet official living in Northern Virginia on Jan. 27, 2019; Old Dominion University on Nov. 29 and Dec. 4, 2018; and Alfred Street Baptist Church on Nov. 3, 2018.

Additionally, Denton chose at least two targets to “swat”: the New York City office of ProPublica, a non-profit newsroom that produces investigative journalism; and an investigative journalist that produced materials for ProPublica. Denton chose the two targets because he was furious with ProPublica and the investigative journalist for publishing his true identity and discussing his role in Atomwaffen Division.

“The FBI takes swatting seriously because it can have harmful consequences and puts innocent people and first responders at risk,” said James A. Dawson, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI’s Washington Field Office Criminal Division. “Putting the lives of others in danger by swatting is senseless and criminal.  The FBI’s Washington Field Office will continue to work with our partners to locate and apprehend those who are responsible for such threats.”

1 posted on 7/14/2020, 8:24:21 PM by ransomnote
Wait for it…
To: ransomnote

multiple swatting events targeting journalists

I would have found him Not Guilty, I think the best way to stop the Militarized Police and No Knock anything is to have them Regularly Go through the process themselves by ALLOWING the SWATTING of ANY Public Servant or Officer of the Court, yes JUDGES TOO!!!

4 posted on 7/14/2020, 9:03:25 PM by eyeamok
He seems nice.
I was going to do a roundup of all the older threads I’d saved for ridicule, but current events got in the way.
Maybe next Monday.
In the meantime:
Oh – and one last thing :
All over social media, I see people saying things like: “You should be more respectful of the dead” whenever the subject of Herman Cain’s  suicide  – um, death comes up for mockery.
I’m respectful of service members who gave their lives for their country.
I’m respectful of First Responders who died while trying to save others.
I don’t have to be respectful of morons who willfully caused their own deaths.
Herman Cain and other deniers / anti-science idiots like him who loudly told everyone that the trucks zooming down the highway weren’t real, and stepped out into their path to prove it, don’t get an ounce of my respect.
They get my derision and contempt.
And, if they infect others before they die, my hatred.

3 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s obsession with the Freeperati – Darwin Award edition

  1. I heartily recommend that the Freepers work to speed up testing of the Trump Vaccine™ by injecting a 50/50 mix of bleach and lysol, as decreed by their God-King, as the sure-fire way to kill off the virus.

    They need to be ready for that October Surprise, ’cause those rats aren’t going to fuck themselves, amirite?

  2. “Personally If I was a Republican and especially a Trump Supporting Republican I would be careful the other side isn’t sending in a Typhoid Mary to infect them”
    They sure do spend a shit ton of time and effort pushing miracle drugs and worrying about something they have consistently dismissed as a hoax.

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