Bad Karma

Image by John Valentino.

Irony is not dead. It moved to the White House in 2017. Trump and his horrible third wife have tested positive for COVD-19. It was bound to happen. He never wears a mask, mocks anyone who does, and has claimed that the pandemic will go away like a miracle.

It was only a short leap from Hope Hicks testing positive to this happening. Hey, Donald, I thought younger people didn’t catch the plague? Hope is 31. Guess you were wrong.

President* Pennywise is, of course, wrong about everything. It’s fitting that the virus he has done so much to foment came knocking at his door.

Right now, I’m more concerned that Joey B Shark was infected at that vile “debate.” If not, it will confirm the efficacy of masking. Will any of the Mask Warriors admit to error? Not bloody likely. Like the phone call that led to my adding Impeached to Insult Comedian, Trumpers think their dear leader is perfect. He’s a perfect ass.

Trump is of German origin. A German word comes to mind: SCHADENFREUDE.

I’m also pondering what my literary role model would say today. I think I know:

This should be a warning to all the delusional people out there who think the pandemic is a hoax. It’s not. Mask up to protect yourselves and others.

I originally intended to use this Dwight Yoakam tune as the post title:

The rule being that, unlike Trump, I don’t mock the sick. The Kaiser of Chaos is clearly an exception to the rule.

The final post title was inspired by a text from my young friend Ryne: “Karma is forever undefeated.”

Close your eyes and imagine the $750 Man singing this verse from Warren Zevon’s Bad Karma:

It’s a dog’s life and it’s not my fault.
Ought to hang my picture in the All Time Loser’s Hall of Fame.
Bad Karma. It’s a low down dirty shame.

The last word goes to Warren Zevon:

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      1. Well, I knew the second part, it’s the festering prefix that makes this perfect.

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