A Four-Legged Stool Of Trump Regime Scandals

Several days of focusing on Hurricane Zeta have left me behind on campaign related stuff as well as the latest Trump regime scandals. I’m also dealing with a wicked bad headache caused either by the late hurricane or the current cold front. Enough of my whining, on with the show this is it:

That was posted to prove to frequent commenter Larry the Red that I know my toons. On with the show this it redux.

Team Trump have so flooded the zone with scandals that it’s hard to know where to begin. There’s a four-legged stool of Trump regime scandals that have been revealed this week. They’ve been busy diverting attention from their own malefactions by pimping fake Biden scandals to the right-wing media and Glenn Greenwald who continues to be the poster boy for far left and far right convergence, He’s also a self-righteous prick and malaka but this post is not about him. He can go fuck himself.

The first leg involves Turkey’s elected dictator Recep Tayyip Erdogan. You know, the Impeached Insult Comedian’s Islamist buddy. Erdogan tried to get the Obama administration to play along with him on several legal issues, but Joe Biden was sent to Ankara to say no. So much for Joey the shark as crook. The Kaiser of Chaos can go fuck himself.

Since I’m blogging hurt, I’ll use a Tweet by Matthew Gertz of Media Matters to explain the Turkish scandal and link to the NYT article on it:

Matthew Gertz is no relation to imbecilic Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz much to the former’s relief.

The second leg of the scandal stool involves the latest egregious conflict of interest of Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross. That semi-senile plutocrat has been on the team negotiating a trade deal with China while still having business interests in that country.

Here’s an explanatory Tweet from a guy with a colorful name:

The third leg of our Trump regime scandal stool involves sleazy doings at the Department of Health and Human Services. Trumpers have attempted to turn that cabinet department into a propaganda arm of the Trump campaign. Explanatory Tweets have worked thus far so here’s another one:

I’m not sure if Eric is any relation to spoon-bending psychic Yuri Geller.

The fourth and final leg of our Trumper scandal stool involves State Department sleaze:


We’ve completed our four-legged stool of Trumper scandals. I hope the instructions were clearer than the ones you get from IKEA.

3 thoughts on “A Four-Legged Stool Of Trump Regime Scandals

  1. “We’ve completed our four-legged stool of Trumper scandals.” He’s sitting on it while milking this gig for all it’s worth. And yes, Peter, you know your ‘toons.

  2. Stools have 3 legs. Chairs have 4. And i am of the mind that we ought to be giving everyone in the Drumpf administration the chair.

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