Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – Throw Them a Bone Us edition

I got permission to go ahead and do a two parter.  There’s just too much Schadenfreep for one post.

It’s not like they didn’t already know :

(from last Wednesday morning)

Trump Trailing in Michigan ^ | 11/4/2020

Posted on 11/4/2020, 8:03:24 AM by Heff

Trump trailing by 3000 votes.

1 posted on 11/4/2020, 8:03:24 AM by Heff
Oh – I do so look forward to the slow disintegration of all their dreams of a permanent regime for The Darnold.
Let’s watch their hopes disintegrate in 1,500 fps frame rate, shall we?
To: Buttons12

That’s exactly right! The nonstop brainwashing via every part of our society is destroying any thought of real freedom.

Our young people are mostly leftist.

I always said Trump’s margins of victory in Michigan and Wisconsin were likely too slim to be repeated. I guess people are gullible and still listen to the media’s lies.

I think I’ll take my flag down and fold it up and put it away and sob a while.

I won’t be a slave to them. No way in hell. I’ll suicide out first.

277 posted on 11/4/2020, 11:08:22 AM by Vaden (First they came for the Confederates… Next they came for Washington… Then they came…)

Um – that was a little bit faster than I would have liked, but whatever….

To: Heff

It’s game over for America.


8 posted on 11/4/2020, 8:06:49 AM by Scott from the Left Coast (Make Orwell Fiction Again

Dagnabbit – you guys are taking all the fun out of this thing.  I want some slow torture and false hope!
To: Travis McGee

How many GOP attorneys and people on the ground, in these states have seen, and are exposing and fighting this?

22 posted on 11/4/2020, 8:12:09 AM by Jane Long (Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow.)

There you go, baby! FIGHT DA POWER!!!!
They need the best, most experienced, and most highly regarded legal minds of three generations to take on this challenge!!!!!

Giuliani and legal team heading to Philly 11/04/2020 Posted on 11/4/2020, 2:26:02 PM by Kevin in California

God couldn’t love me this much.

Let’s jump back to Tuesday for the live election day thread, shall we?

It’ll never match the Obama / Mittens thread from 2012, of course…

LIVE THREAD: Election Day Results and Marathon Coverage
Fox ^

Posted on 11/3/2020, 5:09:32 AM by nikos1121

Please post your voting experience for fellow Freepers through out the day and yes post your prayers. We want to know where you are and what you are seeing. Trump voters are proud to tell everyone who they are voting for so ask them why they’re voting for Trump. Rumors are flying about violence at polling centers. Be alert and on your guard.

I’ll start.Dear Heavenly Father, we ask that You watch over all Americans today as they go out to vote. Protect them from harm and from evil. Give them the wisdom to vote for people who honor, cherish and celebrate this great land and You. We know that You have orchestrated the events these past four years not only for our future but for all the people on this earth. You are doing this through Your humble servant, Donald J. Trump. Protect him Dear God and direct him to do good as he strives to unite all of us going forward from this day. Amen

1 posted on 11/3/2020, 5:09:32 AM by nikos1121
To: nikos1121

Good enough. Bump and let’s get this party started!

2 posted on 11/3/2020, 5:10:53 AM by Enterprise

To: SteveH; LilFarmer

Fox News has just called the election for Biden saying votes in PA and NV put him over the top. Bret and Martha are just gushing over Biden’s win and Harris being the first worman of color being VP.

The push is on for Pubs and Trump to ignore all the fraud and concede for the good of the country.

9,931 posted on 11/7/2020, 10:44:18 AM by CedarDave (NM’s oil patch needs fracking; large signs here saying: “Vote Trump 2020. Your job depends on it.”)

He said “Started”, not “Ended”!.  Jeez Louise.
Let’s go back a little further in the day.
To: mo

I hope you are right my friend. I cannot freely type what I really feel on this website. However, I will openly state that I will never be a peaceful slave to a socialist new America. I just wish there was a battlefield I could report to.

9,770 posted on 11/6/2020, 6:37:52 AM by ohioman

“JediJones” tries to salvage a single troop ship of dignity :
To: dfwgator

There are just too many votes out in Pennsylvania for it to come down to only Georgia. I’d say PA is even more likely to flip to Biden and with a bigger margin than GA even if GA does also flip.

All the recounts should be done and everything should be examined carefully. But we don’t need Trump claiming the election is stolen when he can’t prove it and we don’t need protests in the streets. This is going to make the GOP look like sore losers. If that turns people off enough it could hurt the two upcoming Senate runoff races in Georgia, which if both lost, puts the Senate in Democrat hands.

Whining about losing an election doesn’t look good and doesn’t play well. After the recounts in close states are done, it’s going to be time to concede gracefully and regroup for the next election. Trump can run again in 2024 but he will hurt his chances if he comes off like a sore loser now.

9,727 posted on 11/5/2020, 11:15:59 PM by JediJones (We must deport all liberals until we can figure out what the hell is going on.)

To: JediJones

“Whining about losing an election doesn’t look good and doesn’t play well”

Really? It worked for the Dems they got the House back in 2018 and the presidency in 2020.

Take your claptrap elsewhere.

9,732 posted on 11/5/2020, 11:27:20 PM by over3Owithabrain

Much more “blowed up real good” Schadenfreep at the “Continue reading” link below :

To: LilFarmer

The Dem party made a huge push to get their voters to vote by mail and their voters were also more afraid of COVID. So I believe Fox when they say absentee ballots were skewed to the Democrats absolutely everywhere and in-person voting was similarly skewed to the Republicans. Everyone knew and saw that was happening before the election so it should come as no surprise.

9,733 posted on 11/5/2020, 11:28:08 PM by JediJones (We must deport all liberals until we can figure out what the hell is going on.)

You guys should all turn to FOX news in this, your most trying hour.
Trump Reportedly Screamed at Rupert Murdoch Over Fox News’ Arizona Call for Biden
Yahoo News ^ | November 4, 2020 | Joshua Espinoza
Posted on 11/4/2020, 8:25:09 PM by Golden EagleDonald Trump was reportedly livid with Fox News on Tuesday night, after the conservative news network declared Joe Biden the winner of Arizona.

Fox News was the first major outlet to make the call, as other networks have remained cautious about projecting Biden’s victory in the historically red state. Many members of the Trump campaign expressed criticism of Fox News’ early call; however, it seems no one was as upset as the president.

According to Vanity Fair, POTUS was so infuriated by the projection that he phoned Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to scream his demands for a retraction. A source told the publication that Murdoch ultimately refused, which didn’t sit well with some of the network’s pro-Trump hosts.

“We called it long before MSNBC!” an anonymous Fox News staffer told Vanity Fair. “We were so worried about being seen as pro-Trump that we bent over backwards.”

Vanity Fair reported that Trump had phoned Murdoch, who predicted a Biden 2020 victory, to scream about the network’s polls that showed him trailing his Democratic opponent.

“They had a humongous blowup. Trump yelled that Fox’s coverage is unfair and the polling is fake,” the source claimed. “Rupert defended the network’s standards and polling.”

1 posted on 11/4/2020, 8:25:10 PM by Golden Eagle
To: Golden Eagle

And just who was the big blabbermouth that could not wait to tell about this?
It sounds like something Kellyanne’s daughter Claudia would do.

21 posted on 11/4/2020, 9:04:01 PM by lee martell

My money’s on Joe Pompeo.
To: Religion and Politics

probably most of us on this thread thought that we were safe and we would never get to this point… and now were(sic) at this point…

9,712 posted on 11/5/2020, 10:54:21 PM by SteveH

To: Religion and Politics

I kind of feel like you do, a total wreck occurring right before our eyes.You know, maybe it’s more like someone has their knees on our necks. I CAN’T BREATHE!!!

9,687 posted on 11/5/2020, 10:19:50 PM by Religion and Politics (I’M MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! PUT ON THE YELLOW VEST!!!)

There goes another irony meter.
You know, following this thread backwards is actually kind of a cool thing.  A cross between “Memento” and “The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button”.
To: SteveH

Trump may have to win with the military ballots Charlie Kirk said Trump would win by a thousand votes might be correct

9,641 posted on 11/5/2020, 9:19:23 PM by Lod881019


To: Scott from the Left Coast

I know. I’m devastated. If it weren’t for family here I’d sell everything

I hear that Trump/Pence banners are going fast….



and leave this country for anywhere else.

62 posted on 11/4/2020, 8:25:39 AM by sevinufnine

I hear Somalia is nice this time of year…..
So – WHAT – YOU – DO – NOW???
No Hope Dope!

This is NOT okay! None | 11/4/2020 | Trump Voter Posted on 11/4/2020, 6:37:30 PM by Raymond.f95

Stealing an election is not okay, the left has gone off the deep end and this is not going to stand. What do we do now? We must make a stand and fight back, the left has to realise we are not fine with this and we are not going to stand down.

1 posted on 11/4/2020, 6:37:30 PM by Raymond.f95
To: Raymond.f95

I know everyone posts these vanities to help us feel better.

But guess what? They don’t. We have lost this election.

I am going to have to sign off of FR just to be able to calm down.

There is NO HOPE!

10 posted on 11/4/2020, 6:50:15 PM by Aqua225 (Realist)

To: wiseprince

“Maybe of we could convince 70m Trump voters to with hold taxes.”Ha – my brother just sold his house and liquidated all of his assets. This is why.

18 posted on 11/4/2020, 6:58:10 PM by Psalm 73 (“You’ll never hear surf music again” – J. Hendrix)
Wow – how’s he going to get that $5,000 all in one suitcase?
OK – the rest of this on Monday – much much more to come….




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  1. We still got stuck with Barrett, for all the good it did Trump. Can’t the freepers console themselves with that?

  2. Yeah, but Barrett is going to COVID the other GOP oldsters on the court, just like she did to Trump.

    I, for one, will be sending them “thoughts and prayers” (which will consist of “die gasping, assholes”).

  3. “We must make a stand and fight back, the left has to realise we are not fine with this and we are not going to stand down.” I know literacy isn’t their strong suit, but what American spells “realize” with an S? Have there been any real FR donors/members for the past four years, except for the very very old subscribers whose handles I don’t even recognize?

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