Malakas Of The Week: John Lydon & Mike Love

The election is over. Joe Biden has won 306 electoral votes. President* Pennywise is exacting petty vengeance against “disloyal” members of his administration. Their real offense was insufficient sycophancy. It’s time for me to exact petty vengeance against two of his supporters. And that is why John Lydon and Mike Love are malakas of the week.

Some people may be surprised that John Lydon aka Johnny Rotten is a rabid Trumper. I am not. He’s always been rabid and the government he raged against while the front man of the Sex Pistols was the Labour government of Harold Wilson and Jim Callaghan. Fundamentally, he’s always been an anarchist and nihilist. That’s his public image. Limited.

What *did* surprise me is that Lydon is now an American citizen so he not only praises Trump, he voted for the evil fucker.

He’s a sample of Malaka John’s rotten Trumpism from an appearance on British teevee:

“I’m working-class English, it makes complete sense to me to vote for a person who actually talks about my kind of people.”

He added: “Trump’s not a politician. He’s never claimed to be. How unusually, exceptionally wonderful is that for people like me?

“We’re bored with your intellectual left-wing ideas. We can’t take more of ya. You talk twaddle. Everything you do, you just miss the point of who the general population are…”

I’ve always thought he was a jerk but that’s been confirmed in spades. He should piss off out of Los Angeles, return to London and hang out with Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage, and Piers Morgan who conducted that interview. Morgan won the Celebrity Apprentice and has been a Trump stooge ever since. He can fuck off too.

Beach Boys singers Mike Love has long been one of the biggest assholes in rock and roll. He’s one of the original Beach Boys by virtue of being the first cousin of Brian, Carl, and Dennis Wilson. He gave one of the most egomaniacal induction speeches in Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame history. He’s also a hardcore Trumper. Talk about bad, bad, bad vibrations.

The ironically named Love is the only original Beach Boy to have been in every incarnation of the band. He currently owns the band name, which is how he was able to fire Al Jardine and Brian Wilson after the band’s 50th anniversary tour. Imagine firing Brian Wilson from the Beach Boys. That’s Mike Love in a wingnut shell. It’s particularly ironic as this is one of the band’s best loved songs:

I hope that Mike Love is the only Live Aid performer to support Trump, but you never can tell.

Malaka Mike has long been a right-wing Orange County Republican type. In the soon-to-be-over Trump era he went all in and hosted a fundraiser for the Impeached Insult Comedian last month. As the owner of the Beach Boys’ name, he dragged the band into it as well. Brian Wilson and Al Jardine vehemently objected disavowing Love and the touring Beach Boys lineup but Malaka Mike is a poor listener. Besides, he fired them 8 years ago. Fuck him.

One of the few things Love and Lydon have in common is membership in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Love used the induction ceremony to brag about how awesome he is but Lydon boycotted in his typically classy way and told them to piss off via a handwritten epistle:

“Next to the SEX-PISTOLS rock and roll and that hall of fame is a piss stain. Your museum. Urine in wine. Were not coming. Were not your monkey and so what?”

Apparently Lydon *is* Donald Trump’s monkey as is the man who put hate into the Love name. And that is why John Lydon and Mike Love are malakas of the week.

The last word goes to Neil Young who celebrated his 75th birthday on November 12:


2 thoughts on “Malakas Of The Week: John Lydon & Mike Love

  1. I’m always surprised at Sex Pistols fans. They were Malcolm McClarren’s version of the Monkeys, built to sell. I rarely gave them and creedence especially since Johnny Rotten just loved wearing his Swastika shirt all the time. A shitty little band that was created as a marketing ploy.

    As to the Beach Boys, I’ve met and spoken with Mike Love. He is a douchebag at best.

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