Texas Twisted Too: Quantity, Not Quality

I have an update on yesterday’s post about the Texas AG’s pardon bait suit. Seventeen red states and the Trump campaign have joined Paxton’s folly. This is a prairie sized pander to President* Pennywise.

There was a momentary lapse of reason on Twitter yesterday and I’m not talking about the Pink Floyd album without Roger Waters. Many freaked out over the sheer number of states willing to sign on to this massive Rule 11 violation. The case remains as weak as yesterday. In fact, Team Trump’s pleading came from the Kamala Harris Birther Guy, John Eastman whose attempt to peddle that theory flopped.

Mark Joseph Stern spent more time on this fakakta filing at Slate than I’m willing to. Stern thinks the prairie pander is a sign of how aggressively stupid GOP state Attorneys General will be in the post-Trump era. He could be right: Gret Stet AG Jeff Landry joined the suit and he’s a dumbed downed version of David Vitter. He wants to be my next Governor. Oy, such a schmuck.

The last word goes to Pink Floyd with a song from A Momentary Lapse Of Reason, It has nothing to do with the post, but I like it: