Andrew, Andrew, Andrew

I’m not talking Prince Andrew, Andrew Cuomo, Andrew Yang, or even Andrew Jackson, I’m talking Andrew Giuliani. He was previously known to me as a low-level Trump aide who mostly played golf with the boss, and as the subject of a SNL sketch about Rudy’s 1994 inauguration at which the kid could not sit still. Chris Farley played Andrew Giuliani who is now 35 years old. Rudy’s spawn says he enjoyed being played by Chris Farley.

Here’s a different sketch wherein Chris Farley played young Andrew:

Why am I writing about Andrew Giuliani? He says he’s running for the GOP nomination for New York Governor against the Other Andrew with a famous father.

You gotta give young Andrew credit for making a bold statement: ā€œIā€™m a politician out of the womb.ā€

That’s nice.

He may be running so he can pardon Rudy, Rudy, Rudy or Donald, Donald, Donald if either is convicted of a state crime. That’s a possibility now that Tish James and Cy Vance are tag teaming the Impeached Insult Comedian. Is Rudy next? Only the Shadow knows and he’s a character nobody knows any more…

New Yorkers are known to have a sense of humor. Why else would Andrew Yang be polling so well in the race for Rudy’s old job? But Governor Andrew Giuliani? The same job held by TR, Al Smith, FDR, Tom Dewey, Herbert Lehman, Nelson Rockefeller, and Mario Cuomo? Oy just oy.

The whole thing makes me miss Chris Farley. I wonder if there’s a QAnon theory that he’s really alive and living in that van down by the river.

I bet Andrew G can’t dance like Chris F.

The last word goes to Frank Zappa with a song about a famous Andrew who went by Andy. That would be paunchy Western movie sidekick Andy Devine.

FZ’s opening lines seem to apply to both Giuliani father and son: “Is there anything good inside of you. If there is, I really wanna know.”

I do too, Rudy and Andrew.

Since we’re talking fathers and sons, here’s Dweezil Zappa’s version: