Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – old gold edition

Not much new in Freeperville this week, kiddies, so let’s look at some stuff from a few weeks ago, shall we?

First up – It’s gonna be YUGE!

‘It’s All Gonna Come Out’: Bannon Drops Major News About Election Case
Conservative Brief ^ | 5/10 | Carmine Sabia

Posted on 5/10/2021, 12:39:23 PM by TrumpianRepublican

Former White House adviser Steve Bannon revealed some massive news on Monday about Rudy Giuliani and his upcoming efforts.

During a segment on his podcast War Room, Bannon said it is “not by accident” that the deep state announced a probe on Giuliani for “FARA violations just as the investigations into the theft of the 2020 election are about to hit pay dirt.”

1 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:39:23 PM by TrumpianRepublican
When you think you’ve hit “pay dirt”, but you’ve actually just hit a septic tank….of course, when you go to the toilet, you usually hope “it’s all gonna come out”.
To: TrumpianRepublican


4 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:41:34 PM by wny ( )

They hate you, yeah yeah yeah!
To: TrumpianRepublican

I have nothing against Bannon specifically, but I’m tired of having my chain jerked with more “now its all gonna come out” or “this is where it all collapses” type statements.

5 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:42:03 PM by PGR88

The only thing more entertaining than a Trump-humper being convinced that The Darnold is going to be put in office is a Trump-humper tired of having his chain yanked about it.  Never gets old.
To: TrumpianRepublican

it didn’t all come out the last time he said it was about to all come out. I think it probably all stays in.

7 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:43:18 PM by JohnBrowdie

To: PGR88

Yep. “Once one falls, they all fall” and “This is huge” is getting old.

8 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:46:12 PM by albie

Not for me, angel drawers – not for me. Keep slipping on that banana peel forever and ever.
To: TrumpianRepublican

Suicide watch for Bannon.

22 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:58:34 PM by Vaquero ( Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you. )

I’m on it!
To: TrumpianRepublican
24 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:58:53 PM by Sans-Culotte (11/3-11/4/2020 – The USA became a banana republic.)
Dude – dud.
To: TrumpianRepublican
This hearkens back to Hannity’s “bombshells”. Tick tock.I’m bombshelled out with anemic “revelations”.

26 posted on 5/10/2021, 12:59:20 PM by Governor Dinwiddie (Working like Crazy to support the Lazy.)


To: TrumpianRepublican

Jim, please change this website to FEyore Republic.

32 posted on 5/10/2021, 1:02:17 PM by bray (Hating Whites is racist)

If only….
To: TrumpianRepublican

“Trust the plan” – “Q”Lmao!!!!!

36 posted on 5/10/2021, 1:13:11 PM by dware (Americans prefer peaceful slavery over dangerous freedom)
And, of course….
To: TrumpianRepublican

Free beer tomorrow…

56 posted on 5/10/2021, 1:55:26 PM by gov_bean_ counter (Lift the rim. You’re not that good a shot.)

More old stuff below the folderino.

I call this one “Party On, Garth!”

100 Repubs threaten to form new party if Republicans don’t change their ways. Twitter ^ | 05/11/2021 | Zach Montague Posted on 5/11/2021, 8:35:50 PM by Az Joe

More than 100 Republicans, including some former elected officials, are preparing to release a letter this week threatening to form a third party if the Republican Party does not make certain changes, according to an organizer of the effort.

1 posted on 5/11/2021, 8:35:50 PM by Az Joe
Now I’m not a politician, but if a large group of people threatened to split my party, which would guarantee it losing elections for the foreseeable future, I’d be trying to make amends.
But of course, this is Freeperville, soooooo…
To: Az Joe

Do it.

6 posted on 5/11/2021, 8:38:54 PM by Skywise

To: Az Joe


7 posted on 5/11/2021, 8:38:59 PM by 03A3 (If we can defund the police, we sure as hell can defund the FBI)

To: Az Joe

Good riddance

12 posted on 5/11/2021, 8:41:24 PM by FreedomForce

To: Az Joe

Bye Felicia.

15 posted on 5/11/2021, 8:42:23 PM by dixie1202

To: WinstonSmith1984

Good. Start a new party. We will continue to remake the GOP into an America First Party.

55 posted on 5/11/2021, 9:16:37 PM by tennmountainman ( Liberals Are Baby Killers)

If there’s anything on this planet stupider than a Freeper, I’ve yet to find it.

Lastly, we have The illegitimate bastard son!


McCarthy claims no one ‘questioning the legitimacy’ of the 2020 election
The Hill ^ | 05/12/2021 | Morgan Chalfant

Posted on 5/12/2021, 1:37:09 PM by GIdget2004

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) insisted Wednesday that no one in his party is questioning the legitimacy of the 2020 election, hours after House Republicans voted to purge Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from her leadership position for repeatedly calling out former President Trump for his falsehoods about the election being “stolen” from him.

“I don’t think anybody is questioning the legitimacy of the presidential election. I think that is all over with. We’re sitting here with the president today. From that point of view, I don’t think that’s a problem,” McCarthy said following a meeting with President Biden and other congressional leaders at the White House.

1 posted on 5/12/2021, 1:37:09 PM by GIdget2004
To: GIdget2004


4 posted on 5/12/2021, 1:38:57 PM by FroggyTheGremlim (I’ll be good, I will, I will!)




Tell me if that’s too hard for you to comprehend, and I’ll get my idiot translator out here.


To: GIdget2004

None of the TransRepublicans are, he has that right.

They will never admit it because they were complicit in assisting the Democrats with the Big Steal.

They will never admit they assisted with the Kenyanesian Usurpation either.

13 posted on 5/12/2021, 1:40:47 PM by Lurkinanloomin (Natural Born Citizens Are Born Here of Citizen Parents)(Know Islam, No Peace – No Islam, Know Peace)

To: GIdget2004

OUT! He’s next!

15 posted on 5/12/2021, 1:41:25 PM by RoseofTexas

Nope – I just checked. He’s still there.  Try holding your breath.
To: GIdget2004


22 posted on 5/12/2021, 1:43:50 PM by fuente (Liberty resides in three boxes: the ballot box, the jury box and the cartridge box–Fredrick Douglas)

So – you’re going to cut off the money you weren’t going to send him in the first place? Solid plan.
And finally – the stupidest post of the thread!
To: eclectic

They are all bought off and/or blackmailed puppets.

Even Trump with Operation Warpspeed.

32 posted on 5/12/2021, 1:51:13 PM by 9YearLurker

Even his memes are fading away.
See you good people next Monday.

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  1. Somebody should point out to the Freepers that if Trump “won” in 2020, then he’s ineligible for a third term in 2024.

    1. 2020 was stolen from him, so it doesn’t count. Neither does anything else.

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