Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Let them die” edition

Greetings, good people – this week’s “Obsession” is going to be  about something that should lift your spirits in these trying times – COVIDiots getting what they asked for but didn’t really want – to choke to death lying on their bellies.

First up – that’s a sweet Bernier!

Conservative Anti–Vaccine Talk Radio Host Marc Bernier Dies of COVID
Newsweek ^ | 8/29/21 | KHALEDA RAHMAN

Posted on 8/29/2021, 7:14:12 PM by bhl

Marc Bernier, a Florida conservative talk radio host who was a vocal critic of vaccines, has died of COVID-19.

Bernier, 65, died on Saturday evening after a three-week battle with the virus, The Daytona Beach News-Journal reported.


This is the 3rd conservative talk show host to die from Covid.
1 posted on 8/29/2021, 7:14:12 PM by bhl
So far, anyway.
Kinda makes me wish that El Rushbo had held on long enough to do the Macorona.
To: bhl
Third conservative host to die of Covid. Interesting coincidence.
7 posted on 8/29/2021, 7:19:43 PM by ResistorSister (Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. I Cor. 16:13)
Isn’t it just?
To: ocrp1982

It appears only conservatives, anti vaxxers, and children die “from” kung flu. No left wing democrats die from the disease,

116 posted on 8/29/2021, 11:36:18 PM by Organic Panic (Democrats. Memories as short as Joe Biden’s eyes.)

Maybe – just maybe – that’s because “left-wing democrats” aren’t stupid enough to go around unmasked to large gatherings of idiots, practice social distancing, and don’t take horse dewormer instead of using common sense.
Maybe that’s why?
And now – this week’s Freeperville clown slap fight – between someone who has “done their research”, and an actual doctor.
To: George from New England

I don’t think people are getting effective treatments if they don’t push for it (ivermectin, monoclonal antibodies, hcq)

5 posted on 8/29/2021, 7:17:47 PM by spacejunkie2001

Followed by :
To: spacejunkie2001

Only one of those three things is effective.

19 posted on 8/29/2021, 7:30:32 PM by gas_dr (Conditions of Socratic debate: Intelligence, Candor, and Good Will. )

Round ONE!!!
To: gas_dr

Your credibility here is zero. End of story.

30 posted on 8/29/2021, 7:40:35 PM by Blennos ( )

To: gas_dr
Just who are you exactly? I mean, I see a name on Free Republic with the letters ‘dr’ in it but I can’t find anything about you professionally

Well, if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that he’s an Anesthesiologist (known in the parlance for over 50 years as a “gas passer”)

when I do research.


On the other hand, I can find individual names on the FL Doctors and make my mind up. How about that? You say it’s a quack organization and I’m thinking maybe anyone who knows you might call you a quack for your advice. How about letting people make up their own minds?

42 posted on 8/29/2021, 7:51:48 PM by LibertyWoman (Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil… Isaiah 5:20)

Round two and so much more after the jump!

Suddenly, the clown slap fight turns into a tag team match!
To: LibertyWoman

He is an authoritarian weirdo who deals with his mental issues posting trash on free republic. He has lower thiinking skills than almost everybody here, and wants to give lectures and even say what people can talk about.

54 posted on 8/29/2021, 8:04:10 PM by TTFX ( )

So who’s tagging in for “gas dr”?
To: gas_dr

Yup. But doesn’t fit the idiot narrative – around here.

59 posted on 8/29/2021, 8:09:24 PM by Kozak (The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. TV)

Then he adds :
To: gas_dr

Hey, what would us doctors know?
The Interwebs has all the right answers.

61 posted on 8/29/2021, 8:11:20 PM by Kozak (The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. TV)


To: Kozak
Especially with those who think when we present information it is authoritarian. I am sick of the armchair experts who know everything and yet prove in a few sentences what total jackasses they are.
94 posted on 8/29/2021, 8:55:54 PM by gas_dr (Conditions of Socratic debate: Intelligence, Candor, and Good Will. )
“blennos” jumps into the ring :
To: gas_dr

Your self-described credentials mean nothing. As a keyboard warrior, you can call yourself whatever you want. But your remarkable ignorance of the efficacy of ivermectin is on full display. It wouldn’t take 20 minutes to acquaint yourself with the many studies on ivermectin. But you do not. I wonder why.

And then you attack the Frontline doctors. They are real. Unlike you, they have names and faces and real practices. Your disparagement of them is simply childish.

Is it ignorance or malevolence? You don’t seem un-intelligent in your writing, so I am forced to assume you are a shill: lying for a cause or paid to lie. I don’t know or care which.

But Your credibility with me remains 0.

122 posted on 8/30/2021, 5:22:36 AM by Blennos ( )

Here’s your sign!
Next up – let ’em die!
Toronto Star — ‘Let the Unvaccinated Die’…: This Kind of Talk is Everywhere Now
Citizen Free Press ^ | 08/28/2021
Posted on 8/28/2021, 9:07:50 PM by SeekAndFind

1 posted on 8/28/2021, 9:07:50 PM by SeekAndFind
To: SeekAndFind

They have quite the surprise coming.

2 posted on 8/28/2021, 9:09:40 PM by E. Pluribus Unum (“Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.” ― Mao Zedong)

The only surprised people I see these days are right-wing nutjobs dying in ICU units who are astonished that their immune systems, and chugging horse dewormer and vitamin D didn’t keep them from contracting COVID.
There’s a whole page dedicated to them, if you’re curious (or just need your daily dose of schadenfreude).
To: SeekAndFind

Yes, let me be. I want that. I beg for it.

8 posted on 8/28/2021, 9:12:24 PM by Jonty30 (My superpower is setting people up for failure, without meaning to. )

To: SeekAndFind

I frequent Reddit and see this kind of talk all the time from the nice liberal citizens. I read thru a post about the Raiders requiring vaccine to enter the stadium and the libtards were like hell yeah great job Raiders, they absolutely would like to see the unvaxxed all locked up or exterminated.

10 posted on 8/28/2021, 9:12:42 PM by BootsOfEscaping

To: BootsOfEscaping
they absolutely would like to see the unvaxxed all locked up or exterminated.

Actually, you’re doing a pretty good job of exterminating yourselves!

Why should we interfere?

“Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”
Napoleon Bonaparte


Yep. I see the same. There’s no way that this ends peacefully.

32 posted on 8/28/2021, 9:43:35 PM by SIDENET (ISAIAH 5:20)

I agree. There is absolutely nothing peaceful about dying from COVID-19.
To: SeekAndFind

Frankly. I’m with them. Let us take that risk. Just shut your self righteous pie-holes about it. Quit whining about us and let’s all just live  die  our lives   deaths

59 posted on 8/29/2021, 12:12:44 AM by vpintheak (Live free, or die!)

Last up – Valentines’ Day!

Conservative radio talk show host Valentine hospitalized with COVID-19

The Tennessee Journal ^ | July 22, 2021 | Erik Schelzig Posted on 7/23/2021, 1:11:54 AM by Coronal

Conservative radio talk show host Phil Valentine has been hospitalized with COVID-19, according to his brother.

“He is in the hospital in the critical care unit breathing with assistance but is NOT on a ventilator,” Mark Valentine said in a statement posted to Facebook on Thursday.

“Phil would like for his listeners to know that while he has never been an ‘anti-vaxer’ he regrets not being more vehemently ‘Pro-Vaccine’, and looks forward to being able to more vigorously advocate that position as soon as he is back on the air, which we all hope will be soon,” he wrote.

1 posted on 7/23/2021, 1:11:54 AM by Coronal
Interesting handle you have there…
To: Coronal
The rate at which non-high risk public figures who do not openly support the vax, or who speak against it ‘suddenly’ contract Covid appears to be MUCH higher than the non-high risk average Joe gets ‘Covid’. In fact, your ‘risks’ of getting Covid somehow go up with every broadcast and public statement. It’s biowarfare

If an idiot jumps out into speeding traffic on a freeway, would you call it “Autowarfare”?

and they aren’t done fighting dying yet.


If this person and their physicians were aware of the safe effective treatments that have been available for a long time now, and were allowed to use them, this person would not be in the hospital. But the Center for Disease Control is preventing access to drugs, fanning panic etc. to drive people to use the ‘vaccines’ that China and Bill Gates would like us to use, or else.

9 posted on 7/23/2021, 3:19:45 AM by ransomnote (IN GOD WE TRUST)

And don’t forget those magnetic nanobots – they’ll surreptitiously change your votes on the voting machine.
To: Coronal
Getting the jab doesn’t mean you still won’t end up in the hospital. I’ll take my chances without it

3 posted on 7/23/2021, 1:31:46 AM by roving

Oh, please do!
And then – from out of the blue – “gas_dr” reappears:
To: roving

You fail to tell the whole story and while using the colloquial anti Covid vaccine get the jab rhetoric …. The data are clearly bearing out that being vaccinated prevents critical illness virtually 100% of the time. In a population of 25M or so in Florida there are zip…zero…nada critically ill people who have been vaccinated. No deaths. No critical illness. And according to Florida board of health statistics 97% is hospitalized cases are not vaccinated. The other 3% do not progress snd leave the hospital within days id admission

There is no ADE. It would have long been seen. We know as the clinical trials have shown that these vaccines are safe and effective. This is borne out again wirh the Florida data

It is most likely going to ruffle some peoples point of view but the data are overwhelming at this point. You have made it clear you will take you chances as is your choice. No one is mandating vaccination on this forum. However please let’s actually tell the truth about what is happening. And the truth is this…vaccination will prevent you from dying. And in the vast majority of cases will prevent you from getting sick.

11 posted on 7/23/2021, 5:37:51 AM by gas_dr (Conditions of Socratic debate: Intelligence, Candor, and Good Will. )

To: Coronal

I will pray for Mr. Valentine, who tried, in a horrible CITY, to make a difference.

6 posted on 7/23/2021, 1:51:25 AM by Maris Crane

That should fix him right up!

Conservative Radio Host Phil Valentine Dies of Covid News 5 Nashville ^ | 8/21/21 | Ben Hall Posted on 8/21/2021, 6:51:04 PM by PATed

Phil was a great radio host. He originally expressed concern about the vaccines, but toward the end regretted that he was not more explicitly pro-vax. Unfortunately he tried a bunch of the stuff that doesn’t work (Ivermectin, Vitamin D, etc.) which . . . didn’t work. Phil Valentine was 61 years old.

1 posted on 8/21/2021, 6:51:04 PM by PATed
More than enough for one week, methinks.
See you good people some day next week. Adrastos is still having trouble (as of last Saturday) getting to a computer to make posts, so you may see some extras from our other talented contributors.

5 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “Let them die” edition

  1. If the horse-dewormer doesn’t do the job on the Freepers, I hear that venom from a Brazilian viper might do the trick.

    AKA “fuck around and find out”, next chapter.

  2. For you Adrastos,

    John Lomax had an idea and did something about it. He took his family around the country and recorded artists making their music.
    In the 1930s, he met Adell Hall Ward (she would go by the name Vera Hall) and recorded her music for the Library of Congress.

    Moby found the song and used her voice from one of the recordings (Trouble So Hard) as the singer on his song ‘Natural Blues’. This release enjoyed some success, Moby released a new version called ‘Natural Blues (Reprise)’.

    All three versions of the song are powerful, the topic is grim and direct … There is no defeat in the words, but sometimes things get rough, which is what the song is about.



    I am embedding the You Tube official links here, I am hoping this works right:

    Vera Hall

    Moby ‘Natural Blues’

    Moby ‘Natural Blues (Reprise)’

    I am looking still looking forward to your next post.

    1. As have I. They blot out names and pics, but the stories are clear – and very much the same.
      In that vein, please meet the identical twins – one vaccinated, one not. After the unvaccinated twin died, a customer came into their (just his now, I guess) business spouting COVIDIOT nonsense. He cut her off at the knees :

      “The other day, he said, someone came into the shop saying she was sorry Billy died. She then told Bobby her girlfriend’s boyfriend said the vaccines have tracking devices.

      Bobby said he told the woman to leave and did not mince words.

      “It’s people like you, repeating stupid (crap) from stupid people that keeps people from getting vaccines,” Bobby said he told her. “And she probably tells 20 people a day the same (stuff).”

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