Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “The Former Darnold” edition

Oh, Former Guy, Former Guy – what are we going to do with you?

Even the Freeperati – your most faithful acolytes – think your cheese has slid completely off your cracker.

Observe –

Trump: ‘I do believe they are going to decertify the election’
RSBN / GateWayPundit ^ | Sep 10, 2021 | Grace Saldana

Posted on 9/10/2021, 7:10:52 PM by BusterDog

President Donald Trump just dropped bombshell news on the matter of election integrity by predicting that officials will “decertify” the 2020 presidential election.

Discussing consequences for the “rigged” election, Trump told Jim Hoft, founder of The Gateway Pundit, during a Friday afternoon interview, “I do believe they are going to decertify the election.”

1 posted on 9/10/2021, 7:10:52 PM by BusterDog
Now’s your big chance, Freeperati! Unite and support your hero!!!
To: BusterDog

No chance. None. Zero. Zip. Nada.
Ain’t gonna happen.

4 posted on 9/10/2021, 7:14:25 PM by Artemis Webb (Be kind to each other, unless the other guy is a dumbass.)

To: BusterDog

“…they are going to decertify the election…”
“Who” is “they”?

5 posted on 9/10/2021, 7:14:33 PM by Repeal The 17th (Get out of the matrix and get a real life.)

To: BusterDog

Ridiculous. Biden has been seated by the electoral college and VP Pence.

7 posted on 9/10/2021, 7:15:54 PM by EEGator

To: BusterDog

Not happening and Trump would do well to learn some humility.

9 posted on 9/10/2021, 7:16:34 PM by Tea Party Terrorist (Eat the Rich)

And already – the post of the thread!
To: BusterDog

Honestly, this is a little disconcerting. He would have to be almost delusional to believe this.

8 posted on 9/10/2021, 7:16:33 PM by Husker24 (Pp)

Almost delusional?
ALMOST delusional???
You guys are forgetting – this is the clown who thought you could H-bomb hurricanes and change their course with a sharpie.
More below –

At least they have “operation warp speed” to credit him for –

Trump says Dems ‘disparaged’ COVID-19 vaccine while he was president: ‘Now they wonder why’ some are hesitant.Fox News ^ | 9.13.2021 | Brooke Singman Posted on 9/13/2021, 8:18:20 AM by carriage_hill

Former President Donald Trump blamed Democrats for COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among some Americans, saying they “disparaged” the vaccine when he was president. During an exclusive interview with Fox News Digital, Trump reacted to President Biden’s executive order last week, mandating employers with more than 100 workers to require coronavirus vaccinations or test employees weekly. Biden also announced that all employees of the federal government would be required to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

1 posted on 9/13/2021, 8:18:20 AM by carriage_hill
Um – they weren’t disparaging the vaccines, you toad-sucking trollop, they were disparaging your incompetent handling of the rollout.
“precisionshootist” knows who’s to blame –
To: carriage_hill

Foxnews is the reason we have biden. The commie dems could have never pulled off the steal if Fox had not colluded with them. Now Fox has the blood of thirteen US Servicemen on their hands. They betrayed our country. Never forget.

6 posted on 9/13/2021, 8:28:13 AM by precisionshootist

And I’ll let “Kirkegaardman” have the last word –
To: DCBryan1
Stick a fork in Trump already.

I like my silverware. Why would I want to get shit all over it?

He is done. It’s not a vaccine. It’s lethal. Science, that is not tainted with propaganda and promoting the reset agenda, demonstrates that it’s a dangerous ineffective gene serum being shoved down the throats of healthy Americans under the guise of preventing them from catching a laboratory created Chinese virus that’s not even lethal to 99% of the population. Trump should’ve distanced himself from the fake vax and spoke the truth instead of playing politics with our lives. He cannot be trusted.

12 posted on 9/13/2021, 8:31:46 AM by KierkegaardMAN (This is the sort of stuff up with which I shall not put!)

Ouchie. You idiots don’t hang onto your heroes very long, do you?  I’d follow up with the Freeper reactions to Dubya’s July 4th speech on the insurrection, but I’ve misplaced the fire extinguisher.
and then….
To: carriage_hill

Congrats and keep it up. I am 81, received jabs of Moderna in Feb & March this year, and healthy as a race horse. My wife also on Medicare, has stage-4 cancer, and treated for dozens and dozens of chemo, Keytruda & radiation procedures, just received her 3rd jab of Moderna booster shot 12 days ago, and is doing fine. We are booked on a cruise this Thursday from Port Canaveral.

38 posted on 9/13/2021, 8:45:59 AM by entropy12 (President Trump was the best president in my life time of 81 years and counting..)

Oh – and I found the fire extinguisher, so….

Former President Bush says violent extremists abroad and at home are “children of the same foul spirit” ^ | September 11, 2021 | Li Cohen Posted on 9/11/2021, 2:54:13 PM by Berlin_Freeper

Former President George W. Bush issued a dire warning on Saturday while commemorating the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, attacks, saying international extremists are not the only threats to the country’s safety. In the wake of stark political and social division in the U.S., Mr. Bush said that “violence that gathers within” is equally as dangerous as extremists abroad.

“We have seen growing evidence that the dangers to our country can come not only across borders, but in violence that gathers within,” Mr. Bush, who was president on 9/11, said. “There is little cultural overlap between violent extremists abroad and those at home. But in their disdain for pluralism, in their disregard for human life, in their determination to defile national symbols, they are children of the same foul spirit, and it is our duty to confront them.”

1 posted on 9/11/2021, 2:54:13 PM by Berlin_Freeper
To: Berlin_Freeper

If he’s referring to Antifa/Blm, I agree. If he’s referring to patriots… FU GWB.

2 posted on 9/11/2021, 2:55:55 PM by EvilCapitalist (Pets are no substitute for children.)

I seem to recall a rather strict mandate from Jim Rob……hmm…..what was it again?

Reminder: No profanity, no personal attacks, no violence.

Posted on 1/24/2021, 1:31:27 PM by Jim Robinson

Reminder: No profanity, no personal attacks, no violence.

You agreed to this when you signed up for posting privileges.

This means leave off the the cussing and swear words. No f-bombs. No c-words, no sh-words, etc. Not even masked. If in a headline or article you’re preparing to post, bleep it out.

I guess Jim Rob’s not running Freeperville any longer.

Shove it up your lie hole WhoreHey

25 posted on 9/11/2021, 3:11:33 PM by cuz1961 (USCGR Veteran )

To: Kevmo

Bush always was an anus. I felt that way during his term but when he buddied up with the clintons he made the case.

If he wants to believe that crap then I guess he has a right. To be an anus.

26 posted on 9/11/2021, 3:12:05 PM by JayAr36 (My disgust with government is complete.)

To: EvilCapitalist

Just fu gwb. I’ve had enough of the Bush tribe.

42 posted on 9/11/2021, 3:33:18 PM by Vaquero (Don’t pick a fight with an old guy. If he is too old to fight, he’ll just kill you. )

“Not even masked.”
Comment #53 Removed by Moderator
I guess that one wasn’t even masked….
To: EvilCapitalist

It’s very clear that GWB is referring to patriotic Americans. CBS News explicitly put it in that context.


60 posted on 9/11/2021, 4:13:47 PM by Skepolitic ( )

Find? Fool? Forget? Finish?
To: Berlin_Freeper

I regret and will ALWAYS regret my support of this asshole.

78 posted on 9/11/2021, 5:14:56 PM by navymom1

Well, I guess you get the picture.
And I didn’t even have to use the fire extinguisher – their pissing all over Dubya put the flames out nicely.
And, since lately, no First Draft post is complete without a song,
Here’s one custom-made for The Former Darnold :

OK – that was more than a little dark, even for me.
Let’s lighten the end a little bit with the other “I’m a loser” song, shall we?

Until next Monday, when I double up on ISO suits to examine the Freeperati reaction to the “fraudit” showing that President Biden won by an even higher vote count.

2 thoughts on “Today on Tommy T’s Obsession with the Freeperati – “The Former Darnold” edition

  1. But I thought you were either with him or with the terrorists? Who knew the Freepers were such Al-Queda enablers? Can we drive a tractor over their CDs? Or lock them up in Free Speech Zones?

  2. Lock them in Freeze Peach zones, AKA “industrial freezers”.
    And yes, they ARE with the terrorists, which is why TFG made a deal with the Taliban.

    C’mon virus, kill them faster.

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