Red-Baiting With Lin Wood & Marjorie Taylor Greene

There’s nothing like a bit of intra-wingnut brawling to revive one’s spirits. It involves two of the nuttier members of the party of stupidity and sedition, Lin Wood and Marjorie Taylor Greene:

Wood, the Georgia defamation lawyer who has floated some of the fringiest of fringe theories about ex-President Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss, posted a note on the Telegram messaging app over the weekend blasting Greene and claiming she still owed him for previous legal work.

But it turns out that Wood was not representing his former ally in her personal capacity. Instead, his services went to Greene’s campaign committee as it fought two defamation disputes. Worse still for Greene is Wood’s claim that the Greene campaign has never paid him, raising a number of questions about the legality of their arrangement.

That’s very Trumpy of MTG. To turn one of my favorite phrases on its head, she only steals from the worst.

The dispute gets even dumber:

He [Wood] accused Greene of selling out, claimed she was in league with “communists” and implied not so subtly that she no longer held his faith or trust.

“It was all in response to me telling her to keep challenging the election, which she was not doing. She resorted to personal attacks and that disappointed me and that’s how it goes. When people can’t attack the message they attack the messenger, because the message is true,” Wood told The Daily Beast. “And I know that if I’m doing god’s work, the devil is gonna attack me.”

Wood added that he didn’t think Greene and he were “ideologically on the same page anymore,” once again lumping the far-right Trump loyalist in with “communists.”

“There was a communist effort to steal our presidency, and if someone isn’t fighting to investigate it—not that you have to believe it but just to investigate it—then that tells me that you’re a communist sympathizer,” he said.

MTG is a fellow traveler? She’s in league with the Democrat devils? Who knew?

This revival of Cold War rhetoric is bizarre enough to those of us who lived through it, but it’s bound to baffle the folks who weren’t around when reds could allegedly be found under every bed.

Cue another McCarthy era movie poster:

That movie was originally titled The Woman On Pier 13. It was retitled I Married A Communist to capitalize on the second Red Scare. Oddly, it has some respected players: Laraine (Mrs. Leo Durocher) Day and leading Hollywood liberal Robert Ryan. I bet Bob plotzed when he heard about the title change. John (The Mole People) Agar also attended.

Marjorie Taylor Green is no Laraine Day. And Lin Wood is clearly no Robert Ryan.

You gotta hand it to Lin Wood: being crazier than MTG isn’t easy. It’s what happens when a shyster is separated from his money. He needs it: he’s been referred for disbarment by a Federal Judge. Stay tuned.

I first learned about this wingnut blood feud from TPM’s Morning Memo yesterday. The headline describes the dispute as “hilariously cheese-brained.”

It’s a new one on me so I checked the Urban Dictionary, which defines cheese brain as:

referring to one as a dumbass, stupid, or just plain retarded. commonly used in fights with siblings

Young Boy: “Stop it Tom! You’re a cheese brain!”

Brother Of Young Boy: “Yeah, well, you’re just a lard butt!”

What kind of cheese? Probably a stinky one like gorgonzola or limburger. Cue Monty Python clip:

Why are there Greek dudes dancing to Bouzouki music in the cheese shop? If I were an over-sensitive Trumper like Wood or Greene, I’d proclaim my grievances but I’m not, so I won’t. Besides, the cheese shop is the:

I hope the Wood-MTG slagging match continues; it’s fun to hear a wingnut call another wingnut a commie.  Life is hard right now and we have to take our entertainment where we can find it. Please pass the cheese but don’t cut it…

The last word goes to King Crimson:

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  1. Maybe Lin “Pecker” Wood and Soylent Greene can spend the next 4th of July hanging out in the Kremlin. Republicans have thrown 100 years of redbaiting down the drain.

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