Of Chimerical Landslides & Real Indictments

Tommy T is taking a mental health break from his Freeper duties. Who can blame him? Overexposure to the crazy can make even the sanest person nuttier and nearly as tasteless as a fruitcake.

Tommy will, however, keep the random ruminations rolling, rolling, rolling like them dogies in the Rawhide theme. Now that think of it, the lyrics to that song fit Tommy’s efforts quite neatly:

Keep movin’, movin’, movin’
Though they’re disapprovin’
Keep them dogies movin’, rawhide
Don’t try to understand ’em
Just rope ’em, throw, and brand ’em

You know what that means, an early musical interlude:

The Chimerical Landslide: We had municipal elections in New Orleans last Saturday. I was uncharacteristically apathetic this year. The mayor’s race was the big deal and Mayor Teedy D/B/A Latoya Cantrell faced 13 nobodies. nutjobs, and the odd (literally, not figuratively ) perennial candidate. I voted for one of the latter: Manny Chevrolet Bruno whose perennial campaign slogan is, “A troubled man for troubled times.”

Manny Chevrolet finished in the middle of the wack-pack with 578 votes. Turnout was low: only 28.2%. Mayor Teedy received 48,750 votes, which was 64% of the vote.

Sounds like a landslide, doesn’t it? I demur: it was the lowest number of ballots cast to re-elect a New Orleans mayor in the modern/civil rights era. Hence the chimerical landslide cited in the post title.

Mayor Teedy disagrees with the notion that her victory was NOT a landslide. She gave a typically annoying, rambling, and loud victory speech in which she seemed to claim the lord’s mandate or some such shit. It’s hard to tell because Mayor Teedy is verbose: she never uses 10 words when 100 will do. She did, however, decry “naysayers” and that means me. Nay, verily.

Instead of being chastened by the low turnout, the mayor seems to think she’s beloved instead of an incumbent with a mighty war chest. If qualifying had happened *after* Hurricane Ida instead of before, there would have been a real challenger instead of just the aforementioned 13 nobodies, nutjobs, and perennial candidates. Timing is everything in both life and politics.

The good news is that any excesses on the part of Mayor Teedy will be limited by the incoming city council. New Orleans mayors *always* have a tougher time with the council in their second term and it will be no different this time around.

On a personal note, my friend and fellow OG NOLA blogger Editor B D/B/A Bart Everson ran for one of the council-at-large seats. He told me that he’d hoped to receive at least 1500 votes. He got 4776 votes in a race where the two leading candidates were mudslinging and pumping out vast quantities of lying flyers.

Well done, Bart. I’ll let his band Half Pagan play him off:

There will be runoffs in multiple races including the one for sheriff in which oily incumbent Marlon Gusman faces Susan Hutson who is running on a criminal justice reform platform. I usually mock reformers in New Orleans races but I’m supporting this one. It had to happen.

Sheriff Gusman’s picture is in the dictionary next to political hack. My primary personal contact with him over the years has been during Carnival. He usually rolls up in a squad car and parks where we watch Orpheus. The man is a major bead whore, so the headline for this segment could have been Bead Whore Forced Into Runoff.

The last word of the segment goes to Fleetwood Mac:

I’ve always thought that Stevie Nicks was a chimerical rock star, so it works.

The Real Indictment: I looked for antonyms for chimerical and they were all on the boring side, so I opted to keep it real by going with real. I hope that wasn’t really confusing but if it was, you should be used to it by now. I’ve been confusing readers here since 2009. Really.

I was good when the Bannon indictment came down and didn’t post this image on social media:

I had written the previous day that I expected the DOJ to indict Mr. Unmade Bed. I’m always glad to be right, especially in this instance as it involves my former profession.

A reminder: the law is slow. If we want to restore the rule of law after years of abuse by the Trump regime, we need to do things the right way, not the fast and sloppy way. Now that I think of it, fast and sloppy describes the Trumper approach to everything.

The best thing I saw on social media about the indictment came from an old blogger buddy:

Orange is definitely not Mr. Unmade Bed’s color even if it’s the hue of his former boss’ face.

That’s all I’ve got this morning. I threw this together in a hurry when I remembered that Tommy was resting up from his Freeper duties. One could even call it a fast and sloppy post.

The last word goes to a short-lived band from Northern Ireland that I’d never heard of until today. Life is a Chimera and so were they: