The Tears Of A Trumper

I originally planned to write about the interrogation of sniveling, whiny Trumper Danny Rodriguez last week but I was peddling fast to keep up with the news cycle. It’s a good thing that it’s a stationary bike…

Rodriguez has admitted to tasering DC Metropolitan copper Michael Fanone. He’s told a series of wild stories as to why he did it. This is my personal favorite: he did it to protect Fanone from the other MAGA rioters. Say what? It resulted in the strapping previously healthy 40-year-old officer having a heart attack. Some help. Schmuck.

Mostly what Rodriguez did in the interrogation room was whine and cry as you can see from the clips posted by the HuffPost’s Ryan Reilly:

That’s why I call it the Dipshit Insurrection.

My reaction to the video remains the same as when I first saw it: Disgust.

Disgust with this self-described stupid piece of shit for falling for the Big Lie.

Disgust with those in politics and the media who are whitewashing idiots like Rodriguez. Tourists don’t carry tasers.

Disgust with the people who exploited the stupidity and paranoia of morons like Rodriguez.

I’m just plain disgusted with the stupidity that’s infected our body politic. It reminds me of a venerable rock song that poses the question, “I asked the neighbor, why are you so stupid?”

It’s even more salient in 2021 than in 1980:

Rodriguez’s lawyers have moved to suppress the statement based on an inadequate Miranda warning. I can’t blame them. They don’t have much to work with. Their client was just as easily manipulated by the FBI as he was by the right-wing media he avidly consumed:

“Agents capitalized on the unique media attention of this particular incident, conveying to Mr. Rodriguez that his story had already been written, and that this was his only chance to help himself out of the situation,” his federal public defenders wrote in the motion. In a separate motion, his lawyers said they would argue that Rodriguez was acting “under public authority” at the direction of former President Trump.

The public authority argument is a loser. In this case it seems based on the misplaced belief that the sitting POTUS is commander-in-chief of the nation. They’re CIC of the military, not the people. The stupid it burns.

I’m not sure exactly when we became a nation of morons, but there’s now a political movement rooted in the stupidity of its leader. It’s led to others in his party feigning stupidity to keep up with the Impeached Insult Comedian. The most notorious example is Gret Stet Senator John Neely Kennedy but a new contender entered the dumbing down arena this weekend:

Thomas Massie is an MIT graduate who in 1995 received a prestigious prize for creating a 3-D interface for computers. At the time of the prize, “He is also exploring alternative energies through the production of methane from cow manure.”

Now Massie specializes in marketing political bullshit by pretending to be stupid. Maybe he wants to run for the Turtle’s senate seat if he ever retires. Dumbing down is dumb.

I have to give Danny Rodriguez points for realizing that he’s a stupid piece of shit. But I could do without the sniveling tears of a Trumper who has gone from the BIg Lie to the Big Cry, which evokes in me a Big Sigh.

Repeat after me: Dumbing down is dumb.

The last word goes to tearful tunes by Frank Zappa and the Mothers followed by The Who:

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  1. Is this one of the guys that had an attorney refer to him as a “short-bus” person?
    Sounds plausible.

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