Sunday Morning Video: Billy Wilder

Revisiting the Holden and MacMurray movie lists yesterday got me thinking about Billy Wilder who had his own list back in 2019. Holden did 3 movies with Wilder and MacMurray two. It gave me the itch to do a poster collage thing as the featured image today.

That’s a roundabout way of introducing the 1980 documentary: Portrait Of A 60% Perfect Man: Billy Wilder. I saw it recently as a special feature on the DVD of Ace In The Hole.

The documentary is extra interesting as Wilder lets French cineast Michel Ciment interview him at his office and home. Wilder’s art collection was to die for. I spied works by PIcasso, Kandinsky and Miro among others.

Enough with the introduction. Here’s the documentary.

One thought on “Sunday Morning Video: Billy Wilder

  1. I had no idea that the grips on Some Like It Hot were taking bribes from spectators to let them go down under the grating with them to look up Marylin’s dress. Lots of good stories from Wilder, thank you!

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