Hire A Clown, Expect A Circus

Everything is pretty horrible right now. But there are some good things bubbling below the surface. Keep reading for a mid-week pick-me-up. There are little victories everywhere.,

Back in January I wrote about the issues the new governor of Virginia, Governor Fleece Vest, I mean Glenn Youngkin, was going to face and how they were rooted in his own deficiencies as a politician and as a human being. And, as I predicted, his executive order eliminating all mask mandates was overturned by the state supreme court because in Virginia governors do not have the power to undo legislation by fiat. Now the state legislature did eventually pass a law outlawing mask mandates in schools, so it was a short-lived victory, but it still felt good to see him lose.

The next problem Governor FV faced was the leadership of Louise Lucas, the President Pro Tempore of the VA Senate. Lucas sees herself as the last stand for the Democrats as they oppose Youngkin’s initiatives, and she uses Twitter to make her points. One of the details I always liked in the Harry Potter series is that the spell to banish boggarts–the physical manifestation of your fears–is “Riddikulus”, and Lucas uses humor to cut Youngkin down to size.

As part of his celebration of Black History Month, Youngkin praised Senator Lucas for her wonderful speech. The only thing was that Louise Lucas didn’t give the speech—another senator, Maime Locke, gave it. Initially Lucas privately corrected Youngkin, and he apologized. But then he and Republican legislators tried some hardball with the appointment process, and Lucas took her gloves off and revealed what Youngkin had done to all of Twitter:

Twitter responded with memes:

One more:

Senator Lucas tweeted that she is still holding back a good story about the governor, so now we wait until the time is right.

Earlier in February I wrote about the white supremacists who are still occupying Ottawa. That situation is still pretty bad overall, and the government is going to have to figure out something to do, because the local police and the provincial government aren’t going to get it done.  The Canadian Prime Minster, Justin Trudeau, invoked the Canadian Emergencies Act, which, if it gets parliamentary approval, will allow the “fuck around” portion of this siege to end and the “find out” part to begin.

This means that the protestors are now going to be in a world of hurt. They now face losing the insurance for their rigs. They face having their commercial accounts frozen by banks. And the people who own their trucks will be subject to the same restrictions. In the meantime, residents of Ottawa have already taken guerilla action:  reporting license plates to insurance companies.

You’ve probably read something about the Ram Resistance and how they infiltrated the communication system of the protestors in Windsor. Well, they took their tactics to the main demonstration and it was pretty funny.

Evidently not everyone knows what Ram Ranch is:

I almost feel sorry for these jerks:

This is my favorite one. It still makes me laugh:

I needed all these laughs this week because I think something much worse is coming.