The Sunday Tweet: Testy Tucker Scores Judge Jackson

I posted the Stanley Kaplan image because that was the LSAT prep course I took. I’m not great at standardized tests so I needed the help. I recall having a good but not great score, but it was good enough along with my other qualifications to be accepted at Tulane Law. Do I remember my exact score? Hell no. Does it matter? Hell no.

I mention this minutiae because the Mothertucker is at it again. This time he’s going after Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson:

Why wouldn’t he? Because it’s irrelevant. It’s a racist attack based on the idea that the only way a Black woman can get into a fancy law school like Harvard is via affirmative action.  It ticks all the racist and sexist boxes for Tucker’s viewers.

The specious LSAT attack is reminiscent of the Impeached Insult Comedian wanting to see Barack Obama’s grades. It’s minor league birtherism that’s blatantly bigoted.

I got a kick out of this reply by former US Attorney Preet Bharara:

An appro-preet question, sir.

Why the Frozen Food heir thinks this sort of attack is pertinent is beyond me. Nobody remembers their SAT, LSAT, MCAT or GRE scores. Once you’re in school, you’re in.

This  affirmative action smear is as phony as Trump’s tan. People like the Mothertucker benefit from legacy status at elite universities. It’s tiresome when people who were born on third base act as if they’d hit a triple.

There’s an unintentionally funny passage in Kate Riga’s story about this mishigas at TPM, But Her LSAT Scores:

Why Carlson wants to know her scores is a mystery. He said that it would “settle the question conclusively as to whether she’s a ‘once-in-a-generation’ legal talent,” despite the fact that the LSATs only have bearing on law school admissions. He may be confusing the test with the Bar Exam, which determines a person’s ability to actually practice law.

Uh, Kate, the bar exam does no such thing, especially if you’re a trial lawyer. I made a calculated decision when I took the Louisiana bar to punt two commercial law sections that I would never have any use for IRL. You were allowed to fail two sections and still pass. That’s what happened. BTW, in my day the test results were kept secret so all I know is that I passed.

Finally, we’ve seen GOP nastiness, here’s a nice tweet about Judge Jackson with an explainer by Jake Tapper.

A rare show of decency from a Republican in 2022.

Since Testy Tucker lives in a Trumpy echo chamber, the last word goes to Rush:

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