Black Coffee In Bed

I took yesterday off from blogging for a reason to be revealed soon. It’s good news, so unfurrow your collective brows. Stay tuned.

The post title is, of course, a riff on the previous post as well as the Squeeze tune.  I’m also dragging this morning and writing this in my sleep garb. Holy blogger stereotype, Batman.

I’d like to thank Shapiro for writing so eloquently about the Buffalo supermarket massacre so I didn’t have to. This was a particularly gruesome incident as the killer engaged in homicidal forum shopping so he could murder the maximum number of Black folks. It reminded me of what I called Kristallnacht In Broad Daylight in 2018.

The so-called replacement “theory” is nothing new. Xenophobia, bigotry, and racism have long been with us. This specific “theory” has its roots in the 1978 novel The Turner Diaries.

This odious “theory” used to lurk in the shadows but has entered the mainstream thanks to Fox News. Fingers have rightly been pointed at Tucker Carlson but the real villain of the piece is Rupert Murdoch. He’s twice as bad as the fictional character who is based on him, Logan Roy who would surely say this to Rupe:

Let’s fuck off to some rare good news. Despite an endorsement from the Impeached Insult Comedian, Madison Cawthorn lost yesterday. He even conceded, which is a most un-MAGA thing to do. The homophobic smear campaign against him was despicable but so is he. No black coffee for him.

I have no idea what to make of the Pennsylvania senate results. John Fetterman looks like a king size unmade bed but easily won his race. Celebrity surgeon turned quack Mehmet Oz is leading in the GOP senate primary, which seems headed to a recount.

A question: why don’t people blame Oprah Winfrey for Dr. Oz? She put him on teevee and made him a star; that’s the only reason the Kaiser of Chaos endorsed him. No black coffee for Oprah. She prefers champagne:

If the quack is the GOP candidate, he should campaign in scrubs in order to out-slob Fetterman and horrify the Impeached Insult Comedian. I’m horrified by the GOP goober candidate, Doug Mastriano who attended the so-called Stop the Steal rally on Dipshit Insurrection day. I hope Shapiro’s “cousin” Josh can beat him in the fall. He’ll need plenty of black coffee to stave off this MAGA maggot.

Speaking of the Dipshit Insurrection, I’m irked with the 1/6 committee. They’ve bashed the Attorney General for moving too slowly to investigate the coup plotters. Now the committee is balking at providing transcripts to DOJ, which were requested a month ago. Who’s slow dancing now?

Thanks, Boz. You get all the black coffee you can drink.

In other Congressional news, Oklahoma GOPer Markwayne Mullin wants to “expunge” Trump’s second impeachment from the record. Presumably, he wants the Impeached Impeached Insult Comedian’s endorsement in his bid to replace retiring wingnut and past malaka of the week Senator James Inhofe.

Sounds like a pardon scheme to me. Who knew that Congress had the pardon power? Nobody but Markwayne. What the hell kind of name is that anyway? No black coffee for him.

Finally, we’re having a COVID surge in New Orleans. Cases are up but they’re less serious than during past waves, which confirms that we’re in the endemic stage. I was exposed but tested negative, which is proof positive that vaccines work. It’s good to be double boosted.

The last word goes to Squeeze: